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pip moving around descriptor

5 months 15 hours ago #267069 by Gary
Replied by Gary on topic pip moving around descriptor
Hi diceman24

You need to explain what you have to do when you stand up, you say that you are dizzy when you stand up but what do you have to do.

I also get dizzy when I stand up especially if I have sat down for quite a while, when I stand up I have to wait to get my bearings then move off. I am not keen on the saying "brain fog" as it seems none descript.

Quite often at Tribunals when the claimant has stated they fall over the Chair of the Tribunal will ask when you fall over how do you get up, do you require help or can you pick yourself up, so if you state you fall over you also need to explain how you get yourself up, do you need help or do you have to crawl somewhere where you can pull yourself up, once you have pulled yourself up how do you feel? can you carry on walking or do you need to take a rest, if you do need a rest, how long do you rest?

What you have to remember with PIP, you have to describe how your condition affects you, you have to look at all the elements involved in the activity.


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