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Re:ESA - need help on understanding! 10 years 7 months ago #20788

  • millymoo
Hi Michelle

You ask about the 6 interviews and any courses re ESA. My experience was that i failed the ESA medical therefor appealed. But whilst this was going through i had to start attending work foccused interviews. Each time i had my interview my personal advisor put me on several courses (which i did find quite useful to some degree)
1) Help with CV
2)Interview technique
3)Job search
There were several others most of them lasted approx 3 hours and the longest one was activate which i think were 2 or 3 full days, I must admit i was exhausted at the end of this one.
Each interview that you will have last approx an hour and you do get travelling expenses when you attend. If i am honest i dont know what happens once you have completed the 6th because by the 5th interview i had been placed in the support group so i didnt have to attend anymore. I know how you must be feeling as i was dreading going but please try not to worry as i found my advisor very helpful and supportive. I hope this helps you!! Good luck and try not to worry!!
God bless Julie

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Re:ESA - need help on understanding! 10 years 7 months ago #20808

  • Michelle
Thanks for that other link, Crazydiamond - I should have spotted that myself. Will give it a read through.

Thanks for your comments, Julie, and sharing your experiences. It really does help to hear from people who've been through this. I'm expecting the work group will be the best I/we can hope for but I'm pleased to hear you appealed and won it. Must have been such a relief.

The information you shared is really helpful, especially about things such as how long interviews last! The DWP never seem to mention such things but it plays a big part when you've health problems to deal with. Can't help feeling an hour long interview would be tricky enough, let alone trying to learn something for three hours but it does help so much to know what to expect.

Thanks so much again for sharing, and your kind words :-)

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