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Indefinte DLA awarded! 9 years 9 months ago #28907

  • dragon
For those of you who read my story , you'll be glad to hear that my appeal was successful and I was awarded HRM and MRC indefinitely.

I cannot discuss the details of what happened to the doctor as this is still ongoing.

Can anyone out there please advise me on how long an 'indefinte' award is? My condition will never improve and can only ever deteriorate, and all medical evidence proves this beyond a shadow of doubt.

Anyone ever had an indefinite award? Do you get harassed for frequent medicals and the like, or do they lay off you and pester someone else?

Steve: I couldn't have done this without you and Holi, and the cost of subscribing to this site to equip myself with the tools, strategy and know-how to take on the beast that is the DWP has been returned to me a hundredfold. You guys deserve every penny of it for your diligence, your integrity, and your willingness to share your expertise with those who would be at a significant disadvantage without this valuable resource.

Even though I didn't need to, I've just renewed my subscription now as a way of thanking you guys for the help you've given me.

From the heart: Thank you.

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Re:Indefinte DLA awarded! 9 years 9 months ago #28915


Well done.

Indefinite means just that. Your award runs without an end date provided your needs do not change in which case the DWP should be informed.

However you could at random be selected for a review under the Right Payment Programme but only a very small percentage are reviewed under this programme.

Also if you are of working age, as per the Chancellors budget you may be retested in 2013 onwards.


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Re:Indefinte DLA awarded! 9 years 9 months ago #28968

Hi dragon,

Congratulations and thank you for letting us know how it all ended - well the claim part anyway, hopefully you'll let us know the final result of the other aspect.

Thank you too for your continued support for the site. And I know that you'd agree that it's not just Holi and me, but all tthe moderators and posters on this forum who help to keep people's spirits up and offer tham valuable information far beyond anything that we could ever hope to include in the guides.

Good luck,


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Re:Indefinte DLA awarded! 9 years 9 months ago #29033

  • migmogs
what a great story

all the best

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Re:Indefinte DLA awarded! 9 years 9 months ago #29039

Well done dragon.
Take care and all the best. :)

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Re:Indefinte DLA awarded! 9 years 8 months ago #31091

  • rachel
thats good news , i got it full dla both care and mobility , for ever , as im only going to get worse , i also got in the support group without an interview because
they messed up my records with someone else , i had to leave my hospital bed after having both my
lungs stuck to my rib cage with talc for a medical , or i would loose benefit , all because someone has the same name as me and it was not cancer related , thanks to this site , it all got sorted out , the Atos doctors face was a picture when nurses wheeled me out of an ambalance on a trolley with my drips and morphin button in to the medical , oxygen as well , it was so funny but i was in to much pain to laugh . the atos doctor said , quote , this is a joke surely , you do know you cant bring all these people in with you , the
doctor and two nurses who came with me said , her
solicitor is late , he be along soon lol its all true , this happened in wales , anyway i failed both the medical and lost my dla , as both are linked . so i went to appeal and it never got that far , after my letter to the appeal team and 4 nurses letters two doctors letters and my sergons letter aling with the bill it cost to take me there , i was put into the support group and full dla care and mobility forever without an appeal . however i have to have medicals every year for both. so its not really forever its untill they can find a reason to get you off it. so dont be fooled , keep up your doctors appointments keep up your medication and most of all keep every single letter from any medical staff doctors repeat priscriptions , to take with
you . yes its good news for you but dont relax , i read all these good out comes and they are good but then people relax and think there safe your not the whole claim is waiting around the corner for you to go through again. i hate to put a downer on it but i hear so many loose the next medical because they think there safe . if you keep up with all i said above chances are your pass again , as i have just pasted again and that was a after a six month review .

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