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TOPIC: DWP sent off my letter as a complaint ?

Re:DWP sent off my letter as a complaint ? 7 years 11 months ago #65635

  • pete17971
Loopylou862 wrote:

Can anyone help i recieved letter back from medical services with usual reply doctor's report was ok and now have had a letter from dwp saying they are not changing the decison to stop my dla. it is so unfair as i said before i won this at tribunal and the doctors report is totally wrong i have made an appointment at my doctors to go through his report as it was filed in by another gp who i dont see and i am awaiting to see my consultant on 31st for results of my latest scan. what do i do now it seems they have completley ignored my letter and after they decided to send my letter of appeal to the med ser as a complaint without asking me in the first place ( i have letter from dwp saying the had sent it off as a compalint) i feel so lost and let down how do i fight it? do i have to go to appeal again i cant beleive they have done this after winning it at tribunal in front of 3 panel - help appreciated many thanks


Sadly as the DWP have not changed the decision on the reconsideration your only way forward is to take your case forward to an appeal tribunal. You can appear in person or have a paper tribunal. However oral tribunals where you attend are generally more successful.

Any complaint about medical services will be dealt with as a separate matter and have no bearing on your tribunal and vice versa.

It certainly would be worthwhile getting some face to face help to prepare and hopefully represent you at the tribunal.

You can get help from either a CAB, Law Centre or via Community Legal Advice. See getting help with your benefits in the members section here:



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Re:DWP sent off my letter as a complaint ? 7 years 11 months ago #65641

Hi Loopylou

Did the letter from the DWP say that your case is now passing to appeal?

As long as you have sent a GL24 form and have written confirmation that an appeal has been lodged, this should happen automatically.

I honestly don't know what to make of the DWP making a complaint to Atos on your behalf - and without your permission!



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Re:DWP sent off my letter as a complaint ? 7 years 11 months ago #65645

  • Loopylou862
I actually have the letter here it says we have passed on what you have sent us (it was appeal letter) onto the customer complaints team in leeds ...i did fill in the form and will look at letter again (i feel very upset at mo)i have been to tribunal before (as stated and won) so i suppose thats the road to take i just remember how bad my ulceritive collitus became ......nice memory..... shall i write again as most of the questions i raised the medical services doctor's report were actually not answered especially the one about him stating i walked 15 m around the room and out to the toilet from this his said in his opnion i could walk 200m although he never moved out of his chair which's positioning you could not see out of the room and my seat to the door is no m ore than 2m i feel so exhasperated

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