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Re:esa award without medical 8 years 11 months ago #65600

no really for those of us on contribution based ESA who know we're never going to be able to work WRAG means our money is going to stop after 12 months.
It also means going to meetings with an advisor to see how we can be assisted into work... hard for those of us who cannot leave the house alone because of physical and mental problems or get a full sentance out coherantly at the best of times... this is pretty scary to comtemplate! Today I am... fairly [relatively] lucid. It won't last :angry::angry::angry:
excuse the spelling :blush:

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Re:esa award without medical 8 years 11 months ago #65605

I too have been placed in the work group without having had a medical. I have been in receipt of IB for some years too. I worked in the NHS for 25 years full time until I was physically assaulted quite severely by a patient. I did try to return to work as a ward sister some months after the attack but found it impossible. I was medically retired.

I received the phone call from a very polite lady at the DWP informing me of their decision. The paper work followed shortly after. No where on the paper work does it give any time scales as to when I would be reassessed etc.

My first thought was to accept the decision and be grateful I was not subjected to the dreaded medical, though my last medical with Atos was conducted very fairly and the Dr. was kind and considerate. He actually told me at the time that it was very unlikely that I would be expected to work again!!

Move on 4 years and see how times have changed. Of course I will be on CB ESA as I have my full 30 years NI. I am in receipt of a NHS pension so will no doubt have all of my benefit stopped after 12 months, I don't claim any other benefit.

I have now had time to reflect and think NO, I will appeal though the thought of it scares me to death. Why should I just sit back and accept what someone who knows nothing about me except what I have put in my ESA50 and has not seen how I struggle daily to complete simple tasks.

I know I run the risk of losing it all together, and if I do reach appeal then nothing is guaranteed, but at least I will have a go and go down fighting for what I believe in.


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Re: esa award without medical 8 years 11 months ago #65625

  • Barney
You must appeal. My son was put in the work related group even though he was a hospital in-patient at the time!!We appealed with letters from his consultants etc. Also phoned a couple of times to point out that he was in hospital (in a high dependency psychiatric unit under section!!). I adviced them that if they wanted him to attend one of their work interviews they would have to meet with him in hospital. Needless to say he was quickley transfered to the support group. I really don't think they read the forms properly, so don't give up. Now one year later we have just had to complete another form. All very upsetting, as if brings back how ill he has been and that he has missed out on so much of his young life. Will let you know how he got on.

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