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TOPIC: Sent esa form off been redirected

Re:Sent esa form off been redirected 7 years 11 months ago #65753

  • helchis
bro58 wrote:

helchis wrote:

Derek4 wrote:

helchis wrote:

hi i sent my esa form of on saturday next day delivery by 1.its showing as this on royal mail website

Your item is being re-directed and will take longer to reach its final delivery address.

This item is being sent to an address that has a redirection in force so it will take an extra day to arrive.

It has to be there by in two days.is there any advice if it is not showing as delivered by tomorrow

thanks bro58 should i phone the dwp assesment team to inform them or is that something atos will do.
thanks again

You may find Steve's post below reassuring.


Hi its showing as posted this morning but has no signed for info as yet have phoned up atos and they say it me have arrived but takes 24 hours to process,does this sound right.just wondered if anyone had any info on this or some a better phone number i can phone atos on or even an email address for atos has dont like using the phone.

Hi helchis,

This link leads to ATOS website, it has phone and e-mail contact details.

Also if you e-mail them it is extra backup that you posted it in time, mention that you posted it next day delivery, and state date posted.




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Re:Sent esa form off been redirected 7 years 11 months ago #65757

  • originaldave
DWP have mail processing centers where mail is checked and scanned

when opened its stamped with date then V&A stuff removed like passports birth cirtificates .. and anything else put in by mistake :silly: if the paperwork shows a differnt bank detail than that in use for payments its changed stright away.. this should be born in mind when doing DLA paperwork for 16 year olds on the change over as this can cause the money to goto the wrong account for a few months

its then "scanned" onto computer

the form is sliced up staples removed and feed into the scanner just like the one used for council tax forms

from post room to computer takes 2 days and then people check its compleat :) which isx why stuff gets lost as no ones checked that everything you sent with the form was scanned too till now.

write on the top of each page

one of and put the number here of the total

so 1 of 24
2 of 24

ect ect gives them a chance to find missing stuff before its too late

The DWP listing of all this is missing but council tax is still on dwp web site under good practice :laugh:


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