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TOPIC: Dodgy PIP assessment

Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 3 weeks ago #220203

OK, well he said they have now 'returned the file to Atos' and said this may be a good thing although it is stressful waiting as they are looking into the report now. I really hope it doesn;t lead to too many delays but keeping fingers crossed they might change things as it was very incorrect factually and we explained that and referenced to the evidence clearly showing the errors, mentioned last time errors led to appeal and hoped to not have to do that again, and could sort it out earlier.

Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220444

So confused now. Seems they have only asked Atos about one area / descriptor which they have given more points for now, but with the other 4 will only give another 2 so not enough for any award of PIP. Although they wrote to MP to say where asking for extra info. Not sure why ignoring the previous areas given by Appeal. Not sure, anyway but looks like will be appealing again.
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Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220534

On the phone the assessor has changed the advice for the one area asked about saying the opposite of what they had written. e.g. I have a formal diagnosis and have specialist input but previously they said the opposite, they are saying this is due to the new letter we wrote them (but it was clear in the medical evidence, they just hadn't checked it properly. But the thing is, they used this same statement across all the other descriptors, so surely that means they should change it also for them. Especially the ones the Appeals gave me which they seem to be ignoring. Seems very confused to me. They did not contest or appeal the Appeals decision so don;t think they should just ignore that or try and change it based on wrong information. Now they have said this opposite statement I don;t understand their grounds for withdrawing my PIP..sp stressful and confusing.

Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220637

The assessor has now given more points for the Planning and following journeys area, meaning low mobility award, but still not enough for Care to even get standard award. 6 in total for that now.

But Appeals gave 12 for Care. Until 2019...Can they take those away then based on this new assessment report. Things haven't changed and the assessor seems to focus on physical not MH ..still very confused.

Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220681


At this stage of the process yes they can, you may be able to argue that reduction is not justified at an appeal but it is not a given.

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Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220685

Ok. I think they have to show a change in circumstances since the Appeal decision though but things are still the same. They might be thinking have been discharged since last review but that clearly happened before the last review. Bit scared they might try and claim back any reduction as this is taking such a long time, this review started in April. Am hoping they do not put me down to just the low mobility rate and take the care as will be quite a reduction.
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