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2nd PIP Face2Face 1 year 8 months ago #220406

Sorry, forgot to answer this in my original reply. I took along another report on the day to the second f2f and it was the only piece of supporting evidence actually used in the report despite me sending in over 40 pages of my son's medical reports. Under "List all evidence considered alongside the consultation findings" the assessor only listed the PIP questionnaire and not the supporting evidence (other then the report I took along). I would say then its worthwhile taking what you can and perhaps even highlighting relevant parts that support your claim. Keep copies of everything.
Good luck

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2nd PIP Face2Face 1 year 8 months ago #221339

Hi Ela,
Thank you for your thoughtful words.
I am sorry though that I have only just had another look at the forum to see if anyone had responded to my original Forum mail. Gordon did and I appreciate him doing so and Thanked him for his words but then the whole saga was proving too much and I decided not to go back to this forum and pay it any attention; the time-scale was against me anyway and my head wasn't playing ball either. I have to admit I allowed the whole experience take over my life from the Review letter arrival in May.
I saw a kind neurosurgeon who I was refered to over the damage to my front lobe on Monday and have felt much better since then, however yesterday, the more than lovely dwp sent me a text informing me they have received my PIP assessment report and will "inform" me in about 6 weeks what their final decision is!
Obviously they are filling me with such glee and excitement especially since I was told the only reason I was asked for another F2F 3 weeks after the first one was because they say they couldn't get hold of me by landline telephone, which is really good isn't it, they said they didn't have a mobile number to contact me on but can text me to cancel assessments on the very day it is due as well as remind me of the coming up appointment 3 days in advance; amazingly they did use my mobile to contact me personally during the transfer from DLA (for which I was granted an Award for Life indefinately) to PIP in 2016.
I can only Thank you for your concern. I began having operation's for chronic Crohn's in 1987 but at least I didn't suffer the severe symptoms until I was in my early 20's; I can only send you all my Love and Very Best Thought's for you regarding your Son - at least I had a very active childhood first and I can't imagine how difficult this is for you. My Fantastic Son is coming up to 21 and I know I would find such circumstances in dealing with these people in your situation unbearable enough to end up wanting to kill someone.
God Bless You and my Very Best Thought's to you both.:)

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