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PIP Application Update 3 weeks 2 days ago #248803

The move over from DLA to PIP was around 6 years ago for me.
I have several mental health diagnoses including Paranoid Schizophrenia, traits of emotional personality disorder, anxiety, depression and ptsd, ocd and eating disorders that have never been formally diagnosed and probably symptoms of DID. (I've been single for 10 years to recover and still live in hope of a happy, healthy relationship).
My illnesses are invisible. I can imagine most people can't comprehend what it's like to hug their child and see there face turn into a gargoyle right before their eyes and what that must put them through.
I'm high function dispite every thing I go through. I'm constantly on the verge or collapse at the moment and fell and smashed my face into the door frame a few weeks ago due to stress. What did I do? I tried to rest as much as possible but at the end of the day I keep going because no one else is going to look after me, my son or my house. I get a bath everyday regardless of how much time and energy it takes me, I make myself, my house and son presentable and meet his needs to the best of my ability. I live as healthy lifestyle as I possibly can and take a holistic approach to my health care. I have no support as I'm currently fleeing abuse.

The first time I applied I received no points. Manitory was rejected. Went to tribunal, my sister took a over and I was awarded higher for both. (previously higher rate care, low rate mobility).
The process took a year an I was awarded three years at tribunal, one which had already lapsed, so 2.

A year later DWP contacted me stating it was time to reply so I did. I scored 2 point at the medical which my sister attended with me. Again mandatory was rejected and back to tribunal. Process took almost a year.
Once I was back at tribunal for a second time the judge stated that the original order made by the courts to the DWP had been breached, that they had broken the law by calling me back for reassessment too early before the original order had lapsed. They put my original award back for a year only.
A year later it was time for me to apply again but this time it wasn't a reassessment, DWP wanted me to start a brand new claim from scratch. I did this time with the help of a charity. I sent the form off late February this year and had my PIP stopped around the same time.
I have just received a letter this Wednesday the 17th June asking me to attend a medical over the phone this Monday the 22nd of June.
My doctor is trying to support me and I'm now awaiting support from the mental health team (they are likely to support me for 6 months and sign me back off).
I called the DWP today explaining I'm constantly on the verge of collapse and can't attend my medical.
They were very reassuring that they didn't want to put me through the stress of a medical but who knows if it was really genuine or not?
They've cancelled my appointment and my doctor is taking over.
I'm an absolute nervous wreck over this and have been for years, it's really effected the quality of both mine and my sons life and I feel like they're trying to make me homeless or depend on people who will abuse and control me.
I'm exhausted.
I will keep you updated if I can.
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PIP Application Update 1 week 5 days ago #249108

Hiya.. Is there a way of finding my previous posts without having to scroll back through the forums?

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PIP Application Update 1 week 5 days ago #249111

Hi Sasha

If you move your curser to your name in blue a line will appear below your name, click on your name and it will take you to your profile where you can see your previous posts, in your case it says you have 2 pages but I can only see details on the first page, the 2nd page does not show anything.


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