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2.5 hour PIP telephone assessment 2 months 1 week ago #264295

Hi again Tj45, you are most welcome. And you are bang right, you not pursuing it IS what they want. Know just what you mean about isolated, our daughter with EDS, fibro etc spends many days with netflix on, but says she never sees the end of a film as she just falls asleep. No longer able to work or go out other than rarely, she doesn't have many friends left either. Fiance works long unsocial hours and they don't drive....
I even wonder if superquick decisions before you have even had a chance to ask for the PA4 is yet another tactic to suppress rebellion. Well I hope you can manage not to give in to them!!!
Bear in mind if you are struggling with the deadline a] you can ask for an extension due to your health challenges and b] you can send in a short MR request letter by the deadline stating you intend to add further information as soon as your health allows, and do that after the deadline.
Sending strength,
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2.5 hour PIP telephone assessment 2 months 1 week ago #264305

Hi Denby
Thank you for the great advice. I wish I could sleep unfortunately Im the opposite I have fatigue but my vestibular migraines mean I am often pacing I also have chronic insomnia I rarely sleep most days until around 4/5am which drives me batty. I have also been talking with the GP about aspergers I have always felt ‘different’ I was always labelled in school as naughty never had many friends and to be honest the little test the GP gave me the more I think I may be high functioning aspergers. He has told me the waiting list is astronomical but Im prepared to wait.
I can totally relate to your daughter, I lost my employment through ill health and felt a total failure. I still do. Its like being ill/ disabled makes me less of a person. My degree/work history means nothing. My partner keeps telling me you know your sick right?? Its like my brain cannot compute that.
Anyhow sorry to take up your time, your daughter is very lucky to have such an understanding parent. Mine doesn’t speak to me.
I will contact the DWP tomorrow and have a highlighter ready. Many many thanks. I truly appreciate all your help and knowledge, without websites like this individuals like myself would be a migraine in the dark!!!

2.5 hour PIP telephone assessment 2 months 1 week ago #264307

Hi Gary
Many thanks for the reply. I will ring tomorrow and ask for the report. Once again many thanks for the advice it truly is appreciated. I am a bit of a worry wart, anxiety is awful has been for many a year unfortunately. I tell myself no I wont worry but I do!! I have to wear a teeth guard in bed at night as a bite down terribly making my tmj even worse. As I type this Im pressing my already tingling/pins and needles feet together, however it is reassuring knowing that this site exists for individuals like myself so thank you.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gary

2.5 hour PIP telephone assessment 2 months 6 days ago #264350

Hi there Tj45,

I really am sorry that you are going through this. Whilst I don't think I can add anything to what other members have said already, the very fact that you were subjected to two-and-a-half hours of torture by way of a telephone assessment is beyond belief.

For comparison, the recent Euro 2020 football final between England and Italy ran about this length of time - and that was after extra time AND a penalty shoot out!

The mind boggles as to why the asessor had to drag it on for so long. One can only speculate, but incompetence and a 'just for the hell of it' attitude spring to mind.

Just when I thought I'd read or heard it all I read something like this. I truly hope you get what you deserve.

Kind regards,


The following user(s) said Thank You: Judy

2.5 hour PIP telephone assessment 2 months 4 days ago #264381

Thank you. Just received the report. Sigh. Now to compete the MR. Im so tired right now. When you read some of the little incompetencies and the little ways in which this person who doesn’t know me from Adam describes me it does make my BP rise a tad (which I could do without right now) thank you for your kind words they mean a lot to a shy being like myself. Many thanks.

2.5 hour PIP telephone assessment 2 months 3 days ago #264470

My daughter suffered with migraines so bad she'd even vomit in the night. Get yourself to a decent piercing place and get daith piercings in your ears. She had to have both ears done as it was so debilitating for her. Since the piercings two years ago she's only had three rough migraines and no vomiting. This is miraculous for her, she now has her life back. The downside is you will have to use antiseptic gel on a cotton bud to clean around the piercings for about nine months. It's a pain but oh so worth it. Around £20. She was so bad she had X rays, head scans even a lumbar puncture, nothing showed up and nothing could help. I wept with joy when this helped her. I hope it helps you too xxxxx
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gary
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