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TOPIC: Can I film my medical?

Re:Can I film my medical? 9 years 7 months ago #13931

  • Fibromite
Yes I do find your comments offensive and extremely rude. I paid to join this site for some support and suggest you keep your comments to yourself in future.
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Re:Can I film my medical? 9 years 7 months ago #13932

  • Fibromite
I do not walk I use a mobility scooter if I have to go out
I can no longer write because of the pain in my arm and hand
My Husband and children will be here but will not be able to jog my memory as they do not like strangers in the house and so will clam up.
The last doctor I saw didn't even believe Fibro existed and said it was all in my head
I have not been out of the house in months
I can no longer cook or do housework
I can not carry my own plate it is too heavy
I have no life
I am pain from the moment I wake till I fall asleep
I can't hold a book to read
I can not read letters as I have forgotten what it said by the time I get to the end
I can not concentrate long enough to watch a film and have forgotten those I have seen in the past
I spend everyday in PJ's so I have the energy to get downstairs to be with the family
I would like nothing more than you be healthy agsin or be finacially able to not claim DLA as the stress of it all makes me panic and I can not think straight
I only wish they could spend a day in my life and they would stop the cruel treatment of disabled people
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Re:Can I film my medical? 9 years 7 months ago #13939

Do you have a webcam on your computer? You could record your difficulties on this and save them for later, to transfer to a computer diary as you obviously have some ability to type on a keyboard. We are all here, on this website, because we have the same or similar problems. Our aim is to support and guide each other. As Steve has said, we all understand the pressure to find a way to get a fair assessment and to give an accurate account of day to day problems. Do you have a close relative or friend who could help you?
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Re:Can I film my medical? 9 years 7 months ago #13941

  • indieames
I am now locking this thread due to several complaints. The OP has had their question answered so I think it's time to leave it at that.

Could I just remind everyone that on a forum it's easy to misunderstand a poster's meaning and intentions, so if you could stop and think when typing a post 'could this be read wrongly' and when reading a post 'maybe they don't mean this the way it sounds'.
The topic has been locked.
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