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TOPIC: Please post in the right forum.

Please post in the right forum. 9 years 11 months ago #17002

  • pata1
Hi All,

As you're aware, we have 2 forums, 'Benefits questions, problems & results' which is for queries on benefits and appeals to which moderators will reply to ASAP and 'Benefits discussion' which is where members can discuss benefits related issues, which don't necessarily need a response from a moderator.

Regretfully, members are posting in the wrong forums which means that moderators are having to spend time moving posts to the correct forum.

This is very time consuming, and the forums are very busy at the moment, plus we have two moderators offline at the moment who are benefits advisers.

Please help us to help you, by posting your query or point of view in the appropriate forum.

Many thanks.


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Untitled thread. 9 years 10 months ago #18286

  • realfaithuk
I noticed on this site and on other networking sites.

I have a gp and so-called medical officals who are cutting back from treatment. I also have two private medical reports too of a crime I suffered, detailing in both of them I will never be able to work again, and yet my gp and mental health trust staff will not take the findings of thse report into account, to provide me the long term and special type of treatment I need.

Since my knee op in 08, I worsen and now need to use a wheelchair and still trying to push the nhs and the couunty care/adult care, as their social worker failed to provide the local funding panel details of my medical. Knee operation has not worked and need all this equipment and still waiting to appeal the amount and draw up a cpa care plan plus one for community care.

Still waiting from CICA via a law firm whom had their medical experts do these reports of my mental health long term, but in 2008, a lawyer I tried to get to appeal to reduce my dla amount to low rate, failed to appeal that decision before my knee op. Now I am too ill to try to know what to do to get high rate of dla on mental health grounds. I cannot do any paper work without help and trying to post here is a huge effort. I am lost as what to do, and I have so much paper work still.

I did a data protection act request in 08, and found out who caused the withdrawal of my dla middle rate. It was welfare rights and they failed to act in time for me, so unless my lawyer for the CICA claim does her job to get me a payment for future loss of being unable to work and for medical privte treatment, i will to be forced into work, and I have clear medical evidence to say I too ill to do so, like many people like me.

Any advice or help would be very grateful.


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