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TOPIC: DLA transfer to PIP

DLA transfer to PIP 9 months 2 weeks ago #214234

I'm back :) Thank you for the discount code, perfectly timed.
Last time I was here, I had failed the transfer from IB to ESA. I passed a fresh claim with the help of your guides and the support here in the forums.
Now I am being transferred from DLA (indefinite award) to PIP. I know from your email newsletter how complex this is. I am so scared I can barely think straight. I moved home after I passed ESA and there's no advice centre or CAB round here. My MP does a walk in surgery, but will they know about PIP? I have thought about calling the Law Society to find out what's available, as I think I should have someone come with me to the medical assessment and the inevitable appeal tribunal.
What does everyone think? Or can I do this on my own as before, with the guides and forum support?
I received the PIP form last Friday (29 June), so if anything has changed with the new update, it won't show. Should I request a new form? They want me to submit it by 20 July, although they said I can ask for an extension if I need.
Thank you for any advice.

DLA transfer to PIP 9 months 2 weeks ago #214257


I'm afraid neither your MP nor the Law Society will be able to help you with your PIP claim.

Most members are able to navigate the PIP claim process with our guides and where necessary help from the forum.

The guides reflect the update so there is no need for you to request a new form.

If you need an extension contact the DWP office dealing with your claim the number is on the letter that accompanied the PIP2.

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DLA transfer to PIP 9 months 1 week ago #214397

Thank you. I was thinking the Law Society may be able to tell me what advice centres are near me etc. At least, they used to do that and also I seem to recall there was a rating system.

I saw my GP yesterday. She has only known me a year or two. It's clear to me she has very little understanding of my condition. I can tell by her questions. I keep trying to explain things, but in conversation, we talk about detail. She hasn't grasped the bigger picture. Wondering if I should write an email or something. What do others do? I just saw the 'GP notes' download and realised she hasn't asked me about any of these, she's going to assume, and I know how she's going to answer.

I am slowly making my way through your guides, taking my time as this is the most important bit. I just started the self-test and I'm on descriptor 3, Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition. I don't know how to answer. I searched the forums and found this about safety and reliability www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/news/3611-safe...-many-more-claimants

I have fibromyalgia and hypermobility, so it's a chronic, unpredictable, fluctuating condition. Even if I had someone to help, there are times I can't respond. So I'm not sure what option to choose for descriptor 3, or any of them really. I do things when I can, when energy picks up. If it doesn't pick up, then that thing doesn't get done. Nothing is timely. If I did have support (which I don't), how do you work out how many hours?

Thanks in advance :)

DLA transfer to PIP 9 months 1 week ago #214405


If you are looking for advice then do an internet search for "welfare advice" with your postcode, town or county.

Are you using our PIP Claim guide? This explains the requirements for each of the PIP activities


You are required to complete each of the PIP activities "reliably" and "on the majority of days", these terms are explained in more detail in the guide.

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DLA transfer to PIP 9 months 1 week ago #214409

Thank you. Yes, I'm making my way through everything and familiarising myself slowly. Feels like PIP is different to ESA to and DLA. I haven't got my head round it yet.

And I found the thread about free advice after I posted! Thank you, I found my two nearest CABs, except they only take people in the mornings, so that's me out, I can't do that. So that means I'm doing this on my own then.

DLA transfer to PIP 9 months 1 week ago #214431

I recently had cab visit me at home, I do know they have very limited staff but, if they can call at your home they will. my problem is, i have to severe agoraphobia and was very lucky that they came out to help me fil in my ESA. its always worth asking. the information here on the site is excellent and extremely helpful taking you though every step. If you need more time ring the DWP and get an extension. I like you have a new GP that knows very little about how my conditions affect me daily, my GP that retired in 2015 knew how i was feeling the moment she step into my house and looked at my face. Trying to build up a new relationship with a new gp is very difficult for me. I dont feel that my new gp is as compassionate as my older one but we need them to help fight our corner so to speak. Do try and ask the cab though if they coulld do a home visit. Good luck
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