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TOPIC: ESA length 5yr+ still no reassessment? Support Gr?

ESA length 5yr+ still no reassessment? Support Gr? 5 months 2 weeks ago #220307

Some people who received an ESA Support group 2012, 5+ years on
have had no letter or procesor for a reassement of this claim, but as it is 5 years +they continue to recieve it.

1) does that mean that the ESA award was awarded for a period of 5+ years?

2) What are the max award lengths they award EAS Support for? (how many years) ?

3) Do they award it for an infinate time?

4) To get ESA, you needat leasrlt 15 points in the questioaire, but what us tge criteria for the support group compared to the wrag group ?

We know ONE of the criteria must be met (eg cannot walk 50m)... but from which list is this ONE item from? which qualifies you to tge support group instead of wrag?

Thanks Gordon

ESA length 5yr+ still no reassessment? Support Gr? 5 months 2 weeks ago #220318


ESA is an indefinite award with scheduled reassessment, periods can vary from 3 months to three years, some claimants, following a new WCA, are now being excused from further assessment.

About three years ago the assessment process fell to pieces and wait time went from 4-6 weeks to 18 months or more, as a result, the DWP started deferring some ESA reassessments, some claims are still being deferred although this is no longer a published DWP policy.

The SG is not a points based award, claimants need to meet specific criteria, see our ESA Claim guide a list.


ESA length 5yr+ still no reassessment? Support Gr? 5 months 2 weeks ago #220366


Ive been in the support group since changing over from Incapacity in 2012, I have not been re assessed since then as in filling in a new ESA50 and having a medical but on ringing them 2 yrs ago to enquire as my re assessment date had come and gone they said my reassessment had been done and the next was due this August 2018, I rang in July this yr as I had moved address and was told I'd just been re assessed again and my next one is due September 2020. .
My condition I was born with and has not improved in the last ten yrs and isn't going to, my GP confirmed that in a letter for my assessment in 2012.

I thought that from last yr, people with long term conditions that weren't going to improve would not be re tested anyway, but I may be wrong.

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ESA length 5yr+ still no reassessment? Support Gr? 5 months 2 weeks ago #220520


I've just done an ESA50 after 5 years and this caught my eye. The criteria for exemption from reassessment are explained in both this site's members guides to claiming ESA - for ease of reference, see page 90 in the current guide to claiming ESA on physical health grounds. However, as Gordon states above, it does seem that you need a further Work Capability Assessment (after 29th September 2017) before these criteria are applied to 'find out' if they apply.
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