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TOPIC: Bad DLA ftf

Bad DLA ftf 5 months 2 weeks ago #220500

I've been on high mobility and care DLA for nearly 10 years, am a full time powerchair user with various other problems. Went for ftf PIP assessment a couple of days ago, and the assessor was quite frankly distracted (wasn't happy for me to have the fan on to help with my sweats because she apparently needed it to be hot in there to help her own pain), didn't ask questions that allowed me to fully explain my symptoms and conditions, and actually cut me off several times. Quite clearly hadn't even glanced at my form, let alone read the whole thing. She asked the same questions several times even though I'd already answered them and seemed to get muddled about several things. She looked at me with what I can only describe as scorn when I told her that all I can prepare to eat by myself is cereal, presumably because I'm overweight, I could tell she didn't believe me. The same with my ability to shower, she was demanding to know why I couldn't do xyz, my answers didn't seem good enough to her. And she omitted to mention a lot of things I'd written on my form, and wouldn't let me deviate from the very specific questions that didn't apply to my conditions to explain things better. My question is, would I be best to contact the dwp now and let them know that I don't feel I was respected or listened to as the assessor seemed too wrapped up in her own problems, or should I wait until I get the result, on the off chance that I've somehow scraped through to the right category? I'm even more anxious now than I was before the assessment, but I worry that if I say all of this after the decision is made, they might think I'm just retaliating to the result.

Bad DLA ftf 5 months 2 weeks ago #220517


The first thing you need to do is to request a copy of the assessment report, you can do this by contacting the DWP office dealing with your claim.

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