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TOPIC: PIP Declined for Rare Syndrome

PIP Declined for Rare Syndrome 5 months 2 weeks ago #220539

Hello, I suffer from a rare and extremely violent form of aggressive Vomiting, which has been medically defined as (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome). This condition has plagued me for over 11 years and counting now. I am in need of advice as to how to challenge years of DWP decision not to allow me onto PIP? This, due to only receieving two points! The last challenge i did in mid 2015 (if memery serves) caused me to be hit extremely hard by the DWP Work Capacity Assessment process which only made my Cyclical Vomiting and (mental) health worse!

Any help and advice much appriciated... Lex

PIP Declined for Rare Syndrome 5 months 2 weeks ago #220544


PIP is not awarded for a condition but rather the limitations that result from it so which of the PIP activities do you have problems with and brief terms, why?


PIP Declined for Rare Syndrome 5 months 2 weeks ago #220553


I have problems with all the activities describe as descriptors, only scoring 2 points for Washing and Bathing. All other tasks i scored 0!

The assessment only took into consideration as to the time when i come out of Cyclical Vomiting attacks which the Cyclical Vomiting attacks have always mainly occurred during the early hours of the morning. Approximately from the hours of 1am onwards, and now mainly on weekends. This means i never get any sleep during normal sleeping hours, which in turn after 3-5 days over continuous vomiting, or more depending, i am completely fatigued, dehydrated and of extreme low mood and have no desire to motivate myself; all due to being deprived of continuous sleep, adding to the on-going continuous aggressive vomiting, painful retching and extreme nausea leaving me in what i describe as a delusional and void state of mind.

Moreover, the fact that during Cyclical Vomiting Attacks i have to sleep on the floor which ‘eases’ the sensation of the strong nausea attacks, as laying low opposed to laying “high” on a ‘raised bed’ (bed base and mattress) helps a little to rescind the sensation of nausea. This means i am in added bodily pain after the current cycle of vomiting attacks occur, due to the floor being ‘hard’ on my body which during recovery leaves my entire back, abdomen, neck and chest in much long aching pains.

The entire Cyclical Vomiting process means my recovery takes a long time before i am able to bath to relax my aching internal organs, muscles and mind and then come to ‘rational terms’ as to what has just happened. I then have to go without solids foods between 5-6 days due to stress, pain and what feels like internal bruising, extreme loss of appetite and the thinking of food making me feel the sensations of ‘sickness’ (potential vomiting). At this point, i cannot do anything but lay on the floor for the next 5-6 days straight.

PIP Declined for Rare Syndrome 5 months 2 weeks ago #220563


You don't say how often you have these "attacks", you need to show that the vomiting and it's after effects affect you on the majority of days, can you show this?

I obviously don't know what you have written before but it seems to me that you need to bring your illness to the PIP Descriptors so you talk about how your condition results in you being extremely tired, think about how you can describe this in terms that echo the PIP Descriptors.

So for Preparing Food you might talk about how the tiredness and low mood leads to your needing prompting to complete this activity, explain how you manage when you cannot cook, if indeed you do. Do you need the help of someone else when you are like this, understand that you do not need to receive the help to score for it.


So read the Descriptors in our PIP Claim guide and use them to backtrack to your problems.


PIP Declined for Rare Syndrome 5 months 2 weeks ago #220575


Thank you for the information.

My attacks are occuring every 1 to 2 weeks on average. At the time i submitted my first PIP application mid 2015, i was currently in supported housing, specifically due to my CVS and Homelessness caused by the CVS. The support staff supported my application to explain and describe my inability to look after myself for most days, during and after CVS attacks for up to three weeks after CVS attacks occured. So am unsure what else i could have done to explain and support my application.

I am no longer in supported housing and currently have no support in place to help me cope with my CVS condition. I will read the Descriptors as suggested for more guidence.
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