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TOPIC: PIP stopped with no notification

PIP stopped with no notification 5 months 1 week ago #221179

My apologies if this is a long one as new to this website. I have been on PIP for 2 years but was on DLA for along time and was for an indefinite period. My assessment was for 10th Oct 18 at Worcester, which is a joke as I live in Oldbury and cant walk across the road let alone go to Worcester, so I rang to cancel and asked about a home visit as always had home visits. They told me to get a letter from my Doctor, which I did and she put that I have got degenerative disc disease, depression, anxiety, heart problems and arthritis in most of my joints, plus tendonitis in my left groin which believe me is very painful, my local council are fitting me a stairlift, wetroom and ramps all around my garden so my son can take me out in a wheelchair. Next appt was for 25th Oct 18 at Worcester again, so rang again and they had rec,d docs letter on 17th Oct 18, the guy told me that my letter from the doc may be too late for me to be put forward for a home visit and then said that it will probable be sent back to the DWP and will ask me the reason why I never attended my assessment on the 25th Oct, I then had a letter from the DWP yesterday (12th Nov 18) to tell me they had stopped my PIP from 9th Nov because my reason wasn't good enough but I sent in a good letter from my doc, also I suffer from agoraphobia as haven't been out the house in 12 months or dressed in 12 months. This has made me feel suicidal as this will leave me hardly anything to live on and because I cant walk I have to buy my shopping online, which is more expensive and I have to pay people to do jobs for me as cant do them myself, even if I wash up I have to do it sitting on my perching stool. Sorry its been so long but want to try and get everything in, thanks in advance.

PIP stopped with no notification 5 months 1 week ago #221196


Did you cancel the second appointment? If you did then I am afraid you have shot yourself in the foot, you can only cancel one PIP assessment appointment, cancelling a second one will result, as you have found, in your file being returned to the DWP and your claim being closed.

If you did not cancel the appointment, why did you not attend?

You do have a right of appeal, first requesting a Mandatory Reconsideration and if this is unsuccessful, an appeal but both of these processes will take a long time to be resolved and there is no guarantee of success, so my best advice, whether you challenge the Decision or not is for you to make a new claim for PIP immediately, there is no waiting time.


PIP stopped with no notification 5 months 1 week ago #221206

Thanks for the speedy reply, I did ring and explained that I cant walk as my doctor said in the letter she wrote plus I suffer from agrophobia, I have not been out of the house for over 12 months or have not got dressed, the guy I spoke to said that he will send across my letter from the doctor asking for a home visit as theres no way that I can get to Worcester from Oldbury when I cant even walk across the road. I have had 2 assessments in the past and have always been at my home, he then rang me back saying that if I have a home visit who will be there as my support, which will be my son so gave him all his details etc., but he did say that It may go back to the dwp and they will send me a letter asking the reason why I didn't attend but had no letter and I don't understand why others have not attended assessments and had letters asking why they have not been but not me. I am under an occupational therapist who have asked the council to fit a wetroom, stairlift and ramps fitted all around the outside of the house , as I really cant walk, I have got degenerative disc disease, arthritis, depression. anxiety, panic attacks which can be bought on by even thinking of going out, sorry if this is drawn out.

PIP stopped with no notification 5 months 1 week ago #221211


Did you chase them for an update prior to the appointment on the 25th?

A home assessment is not given until it is booked, the appointment for the 25th would have remained in place unless it was replaced.

You can certainly argue the need for a home assessment and that you could not have attended at Worcester but you will not be entitled to any payments while you do this and you will almost certainly have to take it to appeal which could easily take the best part of a year.


PIP stopped with no notification 5 months 1 week ago #221214

I did ring them on 23rd Oct just to make sure they had received my doctors letter and he said he would leave it with the medical team and if it was too late then they would more than likely send it back to the dwp and they would then return it back to Capita because I had the medical evidence stating why I couldn't attend the assessment centre but then out the blue they stopped my money and I did everythink that they told me to do. I did say that they probably hear it all the time but I cant physically get there, it wouldn't of been so bad if it was Birmingham which isn't far from me but Worcester, I tried to tell them that if they record the calls just go back and listen to what I was told, told them the times and dates that I rang, so looks like I will have either to wait or reapply but it will be the same again if they tell me to go to Worcester as degenerative disc disease is exactly what it says its only going to get worse and im on 200mg of morphine a day plus oramorph for breakthrough pain plus others, thanks anyway for finding the time to reply.

PIP stopped with no notification 5 months 1 week ago #221226


I'm afraid you only have two options going forward;

- challenge the Decision to close your claim and/or
- make a new claim for PIP.

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