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TOPIC: Paper review

Paper review 5 months 5 days ago #221343

Hi all
So I have been on here for about 3 yrs now I wrote last year about getting the benefit you are on not just accepting it because you were scared they will take your award away
Last year I was reporting change of circumstance and was awarded high rat for care and low rate for mobility. Now there was mixed feelings on this as I believed I should have high rate for both so I decided (against everyone's advice) to challenge the decision so I asked for mandatory reconsideration. Which fortunately I won so now a year later they sent me paper review so have read members only guides but still was somewhat confused .... do I just say all my illnesses are same ....or do I say illnesses are same and give them reason and why it's not going to be better so the later I did gave them reasons and my award was till November 2019
So they have sent paper review a year earlier than its due. This is what they can do they hold all the cards and I think it's done deliberately to wear you down but my suggestion if you believe you qualify and have the evidence to back it up then challenge them I have had to have an assessment every year even though my illnesses are not going to improve any it's just a game they play but do your research on here if you have evidence fight it because that is what they want is ... for you to give up yes it's hard but with the help from benefit and work guides it gives you option and advice so let them know we are not going to be scared away from standing up for ourselves good luck all I will post again when my decision letter comes through

Paper review 5 months 5 days ago #221369


There is a section in the PIP Clam guide that covers completing the AR1 Review form and some of the issues that it presents.

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Paper review 3 months 4 days ago #224326

Recently posted about having a review I sent my review paper back to dwp I filled in that most things were the same though I had a few complications and sent them evidence I still have haven't heard anything from them and it's over two months ago I sent it back on 14th November
So I called them but they say they still haven't sent anything out yet could be end of month or longer before I get reply I don't understand how this can take so long if nothing has changed I asked them if they were waiting for any doctors reports or anything but they said no they have everything its not right that they keep people hanging on like this as if it's no big deal it is so stressful waiting to know if your going to have to go to tribunal or not they hold your life in their hands it is disgusting that they treat people like this for no reason when they have all evidence
And know I am not going to improve any last time I went to atos they had 42 pieces of evidence I had sent in and they never used any of it for purpose of assessment they said in letter it's crazy but they keep sending reviews out every year how can they get away with this when they have already been told to renew people for longer if they have conditions that are not expected to get any better I am going to go to tribunal this time again if this continues it feels like Harassment we have to send forms back within 28 days but they can take forever no time limit
On them ......well rant over I guess I will hear soon when I do I will let you all know how it
Turned out
Monky 38

Paper review 3 months 3 days ago #224332


The problem is that they do not look at your information until your file is effectively the top of the pile, the delay is in it getting to the top of that pile.


Paper review 2 months 1 week ago #225907

Hi Gordon
Yes doesn't help though for people waiting to see maybe if they can keep their vehicle or not
And I obviously now have been top of pile but still they haven't given. Me a yes I have to have a face to face or no I. Don't have to have one also this is happening every. Year when it clearly states if you have long standing medical problems that are not. Likely to improve should be awarded longer term
Last year when I asked for reconsideration. As they only allowed me lstandard rate for mobility
And high for care . They wrote to me saying they. Had decided to give me high rate for mobility as they had been in touch with my go and also atos ? It was three years ago I saw atos they
Are not going to remember me or my face to face and my go said they never spoke to them so
I guess they just made that up..... also If they already decided that I was on high care and high mobility last two years knowing my conditions. Are not going to get any better how can they then
Drop my claim in.a review if things are still the same ?

Paper review 1 month 4 days ago #227779

Hi all
Well I went for my f2f yesterday after atos cancelled my first one. Don't know what the outcome will be the young girl was really nice though we don't know yet if this was an act or genuine
(Last f2f seemed nice then never told truth ) so I will wait and see
Just 1 question the f2f was really short about 25 minutes in total which is the first ever for me usually it take around an hour to an hour and a half . Also there was no long corridor to walk down like others has anyone else had a short f2f ? Not that I am complaining just shortest f2f ever .
Well I will keep you all posted the wait now for the decision to come back

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