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TOPIC: Been Followed, Car Tracker / Reckless Endangerment

Been Followed, Car Tracker / Reckless Endangerment 9 years 3 months ago #14010

  • Sherlock
Hi I am going to sound really paranoid but I have recently started my complaint against Atos Medical Services after I did a bit of evidence gathering for my own use.
It seems since this time they seem to be doing their own evidence gathering...at first I noticed been followed both on foot and in the car. I made it clear that I knew I was been followed (big mistake) now they are using more sophisticated and intrusive techniques and I now think that the car may have a 'Tracker' placed on it, to pick up our movements.
Our family car is doing a strange thing, When we get a quarter to a half mile from our home our central locking activates by itself??? This means our 3 year old son's back door unlocks. We have sat in the back to make sure he is not kicking the lock and we are not knocking the keys in the ignition. In fact we have ruled out all logical explanations! this only happens once shortly after we leave home.....it does not occur at all on the way home or while out driving...shopping etc.

Ive got nothing to hide! but its pretty annoying and dangerous when our son's back door is unlocking. Could this be a tracker or other surveillance equipment interfering with our car!?.
I have done a quick search of the car to no avail but I understand these trackers can be pretty small and very hard to find and I am not very DIY savvy. If I ring the DWP or Atos they will just deny or say nothing I am sure. And I cannot afford to get the car checked over / swept.
If I can find the tracker I could proceed with litigation of reckless endangerment. What can I do?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Re:Been Followed, Car Tracker / Reckless Endangerment 9 years 3 months ago #14027

  • Survivor
I can't see why a tracker would do this. Apart from anything else, you say that the central locking activates itself a quarter to half a mile from your house. Surely if there were any electrical interference from a tracking device, it would operate immediately?

But I can't see why they'd put a tracker in your car in the first place. What information could they be seeking from it?

My gut feeling is that this is probably coincidence and that you're doing what I do when I get anxious about welfare reforms etc., and putting two and two together and making five. Maybe that's just a projection of myself onto you, but I don't think so.

Hopefully others will give you their take on this.

Re:Been Followed, Car Tracker / Reckless Endangerment 9 years 3 months ago #14028

  • indieames
If central locking were activating then how is your son's door being unlocked? What car do you have? Mine automatically locks all doors when I set off, maybe your car has something similar that you've only just managed to turn on (I know mine's got so much gadgetry that I can easily turn something on/off with no idea of how I managed it! And it's only a citroen c3).

Re:Been Followed, Car Tracker / Reckless Endangerment 9 years 3 months ago #14043

  • Sherlock
Hi Survivor,
Thanks for your reply, from the information I have a tracker can have a Geo-fence. It will alert if the tracker goes out the area set up. My guess is this is set to activate on a timmer or it activates as we drive out of the Geo-fence area.

I guess they might want to see where I go..perhaps they suspect I am working or living the life of riley (which i am not).

Yes this has made me more anxious for sure but if it was just an electrical fault with the car why does it only happen once when we leave home? and never ever anywhere else.

Also the timming of this all seems a little too coincidental. Thanks for your feedback (-:

Re:Been Followed, Car Tracker / Reckless Endangerment 9 years 3 months ago #14044

  • Sherlock
Hi Indieames,
Thanks for your reply, I think you may have slightly misunderstood my post.

We have a very basic 2001 Ford Focus with no fancy gizmo's.

As I mentioned I have ruled out all logical explanations.

Perhaps my other reply above will give you a little more information.

Thanks for your interest and reply (-:

Re:Been Followed, Car Tracker / Reckless Endangerment 9 years 3 months ago #14050

  • Sherlock
I found some more information here

It makes alot of sense to use these devices. And I can say I hope they use them to catch as many benifit fraudsters as possable. They give us all a bad name! But if Atos Medical Sevices or DWP reads this can you please get your Goon Squad to set up the device so it does not unlock my 3 year old son's door. There is a real danger here as he could fall out the door as he can slip his car seat straps.
No body gets away with putting my son in harms way!.
Get your guys to knock on my door I would like a little chat.

Vern / aka Sherlock
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