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TOPIC: not granted anything - absolute joke

not granted anything - absolute joke 9 years 3 weeks ago #17767

  • kerrie
right sorry guys but this may be quite long winded but will try to make it as brief as poosible. Since trying to get dla from september last year i have this morning recieved a letter saying i am entitled to nothing. They have had 2 reports from my dr, 2 from my physio letters from other people and sent on of their own drs round for the home medical. Right as for this home medical the dr was an absolute joke - whole thing lasted 22 minutes from entering to leaving my property - had my partner present with me throughout. basically was asked some questions aboutfood shopping carrying out household duties getting about in a car being drivewn in the car etc, made to do a few things ie walk about 3 mtrs move side to side forward back to best of my ability bend etc. asked about aids that help me ie my walking stick, special high chair for me to sit in, higher toilet seat etc etc..... before leaving his words were 'well i can see that you are in extreme pain and you walk very slowly and with caution and can bearly bend without extreme pain and discomfort' then said ' i will inform them of this and see where it goes from her' .... did not fill in half the paperwork when here stating he would do the rest later and left as running late to next appointment.
so here i am with the decision - saying i can walk over 100 mtrs at a normal speed in an adequate manner ( um hello he must have me mistaken for someone else he saw that day and also not what he said when at my house ) also things they do not take into account when processing are - food shopping, domestic tasks, ability to work, being driven ....... so please why ask such leading questions about these things , all i was doing was answering him.

so as this is already a review of my claim and now turned down again i decided to call them in much distress. after a long conversation the lady i spoke to went off to consult her boss who said my case was to go to another decission maker to be looked at yet again on the basis of what i had told her. this is going to take another 11 weeks and could still be rejected. i cant see how another decission maker is going to make a blind bit of difference because it is abuntentley clear to me that this stupid doctor that gave my home medical has wrote a complete load of crap and not the facts at all !!!!!!! please good people help me out here i just want to scream totally done in with this nearly 8 months down the line. why should i wait yet another 11 weeks what more can i do ???????? :S

Re:not granted anything - absolute joke 9 years 3 weeks ago #17779

Please may I ask members only to submit one version of their post. Posting multiple versions will not get them approved quicker. We are currently running low on moderators at the moment so please be patient and your posts will get approved.

Re:not granted anything - absolute joke 9 years 3 weeks ago #17780

You may like to visit the Members Section and download the guides "The Best Possible Ways to Challenge a DLA or AA medical Report"

Re:not granted anything - absolute joke 9 years 3 weeks ago #17782

  • tapsy2901
you were lucky to get off on 100 metres, mine [Mr Atos] said I could walk 420 metres without discomfort I have COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for the love of god appeal,

Re:not granted anything - absolute joke 9 years 3 weeks ago #17848

Hi Kerry,

Just to agree that the best way forward may be an appeal. Even if you don't appeal, i would definitely seek something in writing to confirm that a review of the decision is definitely taking place, otherwise you could find yourself out of time to appeal.

Good luck,

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