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TOPIC: ESA/PIP Assessments

ESA/PIP Assessments 2 years 7 months ago #166584

I'm new to the forum and i'd be grateful if someone could answer the following questions for me.

I've been on ESA Support Group -and IB before that-for many years now.I was supposed to be reassessed in 2015 but was told it was put back till 2017.Does anyone know whether Maximus-aka Centre For Health And Disability Assessments-have cleared the backlog left by Atos in the South London area and whether i can still put off worrying about my next WCA until next year ?

I'm also claiming DLA and understand i could be invited to claim PIP at any time over the next couple of years. And i'm a bit worried that when my time comes to be assessed for both ESA and PIP i could be penalised because i have no recent medical evidence.I was diagnosed many years ago,i'm largely housebound and i'm on prescribed medications which the specialists put me on and which my GP has been prescribing ever since.I've requested a copy of my medical records and have paid £50 for them and that should have all a record of the specialists i saw 15-20 years ago.Will that and the fact i'm still being prescribed medication and i'm largely housebound be enough? For i rarely actually see my GP who took over from the old one knew all about my condition and i'm afraid that and the fact i haven't seen any specialists for some years now could go against me.

Thanks for any feedback.

ESA/PIP Assessments 2 years 7 months ago #166587


Maximus are still struggling with the back log in some areas but the DWP are now starting the reassessment process on time, so I would expect you to reassessed next year as you have been previously told, it just might take longer for the process to complete.

Many claimants, like you, have been parked by the NHS, it is what it is and there is little that you can do about it unless your GP is prepared to refer you back to a Consultant. You have a copy of your medical records which is good, whilst your symptoms appear to be stable this does not mean that they are not having an impact on your life, you need to explain how you are limited by your conditions and why your old reports are still applicable to how you are now.

It might be worth your asking your GP what support they would be willing to provide, they may be able to provide the link between your current health and the reports that you need for ESA and PIP.


ESA/PIP Assessments 2 years 7 months ago #166603

Thanks for your reply Gordon.My condition is stable but extremely disabling and i'm pretty isolated most of the time.And both my gp and mp who've supported me in the past with the DWP have retired so i'm now feeling pretty vulnerable about the assessments given they've made me extremely ill in the past.

I've had a quick look at the guides for ESA and PIP and they seem to have some useful tips.What i can't understand is that given the DWP must have accumulated so much info about my condition and its effects over the years they still need to put me -and so many others in a similar position -through this process.My prognosis on my last ESA85a stated quite clearly that a return to work was unlikely in the longer term which i'd have hoped would be enough for the DWP.


ESA/PIP Assessments 2 years 7 months ago #166619

Hi Ben,

The problem is that each claim/renewal is treated as a stand-alone entity and the assessor rarely looks at any of your previous documentation (the hard copies will be stored off-site anyway).

ESA/PIP Assessments 2 years 7 months ago #166704

Hi Mrs H

The irony with all this is that the DWP isn't saving any money with these assessments. which are just causing a lot of stress for people like us who can do without it.

Doesn't make sense each claim is treated like a new one with the healthcare professionals having little or no idea of the accumulative picture.

ESA/PIP Assessments 2 years 7 months ago #167104

I was wondering whether anyone could advise me as to whether the DWP takes seriously any evidence from friends and family members?.Or would they dismiss it out of hand because they assume it's biased ?

I've led a pretty solitary housebound life for around 20 years.And family members can testify to the fact that i've been unable to attend any social events and have been unable to see them face to face even in my home.And my friend and flatmate who does most of my shopping,usually accompanies me when i do get out and has seen the state i get into on the few occasions i can get out can testify to that..

I had three assessments under the old system and all three had to be stopped because i became very ill so the DWP should have a record of that.However i understand from previous answers that i must treat any reassessment as a brand new claim.

So is it worth sending evidence from family and friends as well as trying to get a letter from my new GP when i'm called in for assessment ? I'd be grateful for any feedback. Thanks.
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