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TOPIC: Dodgy PIP assessment

Dodgy PIP assessment 8 months 3 weeks ago #215522

So, I had my PIP review F2F and think it may be a dodgy one. I have had a home visit before but this time was different and just have a funny feeling about it. They brought a laptop and did lots of typing, (last time was on paper and could see what they were writing).

A few things worry me for example they rang on the way to say they couldn't find the house and ask for directions. But they were right outside when my husband went downstairs,so didn't need to do that.

I think, they might have made assumptions and it wasn't very long, did no sort of exam or anything. And, last time they did a review they did a paper assessment and took it away (had to Appeal and got it back) and I think they would have used that report as well.

Anyway it is done now, I just wanted to ask a couple of things.

1. She said she had all the info she needed and didn't need to contact my doctors, but DWP might after she had returned the report. I thought DWP didn't ask for further evidence though, that was their (Atos) job?

2. Can they do a Supersession of an award just based on a F2F?

Many thanks. Have rung DWP and asked for a copy of the report.

Dodgy PIP assessment 8 months 3 weeks ago #215523


1, The DWP can ask for more information but as they have no in-house medical support, most information will require them to refer it back to the assessor for comment.

2. It isn't just the assessment report, they also have your claim form and anything that you attached to it.

We are currently calling Decision at 2-6 weeks.

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Dodgy PIP assessment 8 months 20 hours ago #216586

Hi again I haven't got the decision yet but have got the medical report through and based on that they have taken the award away.

Is it possible to ask for an MR before decision is made as that part can take ages, I wonder? I do intend to appeal again.

Young lady was a physio, full of factual errors such as stating have no diagnosis! (I'm also in ESA SG due to my severe diagnoses!)

Dodgy PIP assessment 7 months 4 weeks ago #216610


You cannot ask for an MR until a Decision has been made on your claim but you could write to the Decision Maker with your concerns about the content of the report, there is a narrow window for you to do this, so you will need to do this in the next day or two. Make it clear in the letter that you are not asking for an MR at this stage.

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Dodgy PIP assessment 7 months 4 weeks ago #216617

Thanks, doing this today with husband. The DWP man says like you the reports are taking a bit longer atm and for reviews especially, I can expect to hear start of September.

She was an Occupational Therapist, not a physio.. wonder if that makes any difference. Don't think they were medically trained. I know one, they aren't. Thought they used nurses and physics and doctors. They can't spell anyway and didn't know of my conditions.

Dodgy PIP assessment 7 months 4 weeks ago #216628


Stick to issues that lead to points, their bad spelling may indicate a lack of professionalism but it isn't going to get you an award.

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