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The DWP has begun deciding which existing PIP claimants will be moved to having only have a ‘light touch’ review every 10 years, instead of a more frequent full review.

Back in June we highlighted a statement by Sarah Newton Minister of State for Disabled People in which she announced the end of ‘unnecessary’ PIP reviews, saying:

“We’ve listened to feedback from organisations and the public, and this common-sense change will ensure that the right protections are in place while minimising any unnecessary stress or bureaucracy.”

In a written statement released just before the Christmas break, Newton explained that new guidance had been issued to decision makers in August 2018 “to ensure those who are awarded the highest level of support whose needs are unlikely to improve or will deteriorate receive an ongoing award with a light touch review at the 10 year point.”

Newton added that work had now begun to identify existing claimants who should be covered by the ‘on-going award’ procedure:

“This is still in the early stages and being dealt with in date order, prioritising claimants whose awards are coming up for an award review, but commencing this activity is a really important step to reducing the number of individuals having to undergo an unnecessary award review where their needs are only likely to deteriorate.”

The light touch reviews will be aimed primarily at claimants who have been awarded the enhanced rates of both components of PIP and whose condition is unlikely to improve.

According to the guidance issued to decision makers:

On-going awards for claimants can be reached in one of two ways:

following advice from the AP that no review is required and the claimant’s restrictions on Daily Living/ and or Mobility are stable and unlikely to change significantly or they have very high levels of needs which will only deteriorate.

and where the claimant is awarded enhanced/enhanced and their needs are not going to improve or would only deteriorate.

Note: You may also consider an enhanced daily living award alone where the claimant is State Pension Age or over and has either not been awarded the mobility component or has been awarded the mobility component at the standard rate and their mobility needs are not going to improve.

You can download a copy of the guidance on award periods from this link.


0 #10 NigelM 2020-02-14 12:43
I am over 65 and suffer from the very painful condition patio arthritis of the spine. I am crippled up in agony with it and I am on the very maximum pain killers that you are allowed to take. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety.
2 years ago I had a home visit and was awarded the higher rate on both.
I was amazed that they really needed to do another review as my spine condition is regressive and is only going to get worse.
I sent them all my details and gave them all my medications that I was taking. I also informed that my mental health had deteriated so badly that at one point I was having mental health support visits every other day and psychiatrists visits weekly
I also have other complex health conditions as well.
Today I received a letter telling me I had to attend a visit to an assessment centre.
I am going crazy and feel suicidal over this.
Please Please can anybody help
0 #9 babycatdiamond 2019-07-17 21:00
My reward was til January 2019 but got a short review January just gone. I've used these guides for the past 5 years which have been a god send. I have suicidal thoughts each time these forms come. So after loads of letters, OH consultants etc my psychiatrist wrote to say I was too unwell to go face to face. I have several physical and mental disabilities but prefer no to go into here.

This morning it came through. I was awarded Enhanced/Enhanc ed until 2029 ongoing. I did have many letters over the years and was so relieved this morning.

I put it here not to rub people up the wrong way but to give hope to those who are waiting.

I wish you all the best and want to thank the people who are behind this wonderful site. Keep up the good work xx
0 #8 Sandra Gurd 2019-04-24 21:18
I went from DLA Mobility of the higher rate that I had been on for 26 years to PIP standard rate for 3years my condition is getting worse and all my meds have gotten stronger that stops me from doing a lot more even getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. What is going to happen after the 3 years do I have to go for another medical
+3 #7 Linda Hodson 2019-03-15 23:10
I have Parkinsons on highest care and mobility PIP payments. As there is no cure for Parkinson's and will only deteriorate I thought the new 10 yearly "light touch review would be a great relief. Otherwise I have to face the stress of reassessment around Christmas time this year. The last one caused extreem stress over a Christmas period and organising my thoughts and filling forms is getting progressively harder. Can you put my mind at rest or do I brace myself for another Christmas from hell this year?
0 #6 Asbo 2019-02-19 13:24
I have enhanced both rates and had my PIP review form in October. I had GP support for a home visit and filled out form very thoroughly and got a letter today calling me in for an assessment next week. So I phoned them, I am really stressed by it. But I explained I’d got the letter to support home visit and I know it is my right under The Equality Act. She said something about all pending forms that hadn’t been looked at got offered an appointment (In other words they’ve not looked at it). So she said she’d send it to the HP and will get another letter sent out for a home visit, if it is agreed. It better be. But really pissed off why I need another one after two years. Well, actually I can guess why. They’re going to try and take some of it away so that I don't have a 'light touch' every ten years. I am convinced of it
+1 #5 annken 2019-01-28 13:25
I have just had a PIP review and home assessment. I am over 65 can I apply for light touch? thankyou
+2 #4 chrysalis 2019-01-16 00:46
Also why is it only for the highest rates?

Is it impossible for someone on say low rate mobility to have a condition that wont improve?
0 #3 DianaW 2019-01-15 11:58
There's nothing in this guidance which says that it applies only to PIP but the principal document from which this guidance has been taken is not identified, so it's impossible to tell whether it is indeed that restricted.

Please would whoever found this guidance identify the principal document from which it has been taken, to avoid confusion.
+1 #2 RobJean 2019-01-14 18:27
here, here..
0 #1 MrFibro 2019-01-14 15:19
Why is this not also being applied to people in the ESA SG, NOT JUST pip.

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