Atos has either not bid for, or has failed to win, a single contract for the new combined PIP and work capability (WCA) assessment service, with just one of five regions left to be announced. Both Maximus and Ingeus have taken regions currently held by Atos.

The Functional Assessment Services contracts are replacing both PIP contracts and contracts to carry out WCAs for employment and support allowance (ESA) and universal credit (UC). The intention is that the same company will carry out both types of assessment in any given area, until such a time as the WCA is axed completely.

At the moment, WCAs are administered by Maximus and PIP assessments by Atos (known as IAS) and Capita, with Atos having the larger share of the PIP contracts.

However, that is all set to change from 2024, with the new contracts running until 2029.

Capita have managed to hold onto their current PIP regions: the Midlands, Wales and Northern Ireland

However, in South East England, London and East Anglia Atos are losing their contacts to the multinational welfare to work giant Ingeus.

Atos will also be replaced in the North of England and Scotland, this time by Maximus who currently only carry out WCAs. The new contract in Scotland will primarily cover WCAs, as PIP is being replaced by Adult Disability Payment (ADP).

The south west of England is currently covered by Atos for PIP assessments and the winner of the new contract has yet to be announced.

The full details of the lots awarded are:

Lot 1 North England and Scotland: Maximus UK Services Limited (currently Atos)

Lot 2 Midlands and Wales: Capita Business Services (currently Capita)

Lot 4 South East England, London and East Anglia: Ingeus UK Limited (currently ATOS)

Lot 5 Northern Ireland: Capita Business Services Limited (currently Capita)

You can read the full commons statement on the new contracts here.


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    Mrs Hurtyback · 1 years ago
    I'm sure none of us will shed tears over the loss of ATOS. However, I'm not foolish enough to think that the other companies will be any better. They probably got the contracts because they were cheaper, which doesn't fill me with any confidence that decisions will be fairer.

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    Mrfibro · 1 years ago
    These contractors are just money thirsty, humans don't come into the equation.  It's all bonus based, the so-called health professionals who undertake such assessments for these contractors are all vile, inhumane dispicable people, if you'd like to call them people.  They are just bonus driven robots, who care nothing at all for the ill, sick, disabled peoples well being.

    It's beyond all comprehension that assessor's can do this type of work.  If they need money do more hours with the NHS, their absolutely short of staff, so they can work there.  But no!  easy pickings with fat cat bonuses obviously rule their greedy sickening minds.

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    jackie Green. · 1 years ago
    I'm dreading another assesment been to court twice in 2017 and 2012 Feell sick of the thought of having to go through that again felt suicidal both times but won both times .Hope I don't have to had some help do not know how they live with themselves  putting people through this stress twice in my case .Jackacm
    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      andria2milly · 1 years ago
      @jackie Green. Some people just like power.

       And others actually believe they are doing the right thing as work is supposed to be best ... As if we wouldn't leap at the opportunity.

      But I strongly suspect it's an even smaller number, who actually have no soul, believing we are 'just 'scroungers' n all that mean bs.

      Call the Samaritans, speak to trusted friends. U got this. Don't think about it til it happens, no point Whatsoever

      Best of luck to ya

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