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pip 2 years 1 month ago #223005

could you give me advice which way to go thank you.

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pip 2 years 1 month ago #223007

pandapoo wrote: could you give me advice which way to go thank you.

You have two options;

- challenge the current Decision, or
- make a new claim for PIP

In either case, you will need to look at the issues that meant that you did not score but I'm afraid you haven't provided enough information in your previous posts for me to make any detailed suggestions, just the general ones that I have already posted.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

pip 2 years 1 month ago #223014

Gordon wrote: pandapoo

It certainly won't have helped.


Can I suggest following to this problem ?

You need to go to an assessment with an advocate . Any illness that is NOT tangeable like mine being ME Chronic fatigue , I found myself an advocate via charity POHWER . It is imperative to attend these assessments with :
1/ advocate
2/ 2 basic cassette machines such as GPO 162B portable cassette recorder ( buy online amazon £29 each machine !) you need to buy 2 machines plus cassettes and batteries . Call up the assessment tel number for your area to request cassette recordings .

I know it sounds daunting to even borrow £70 to buy the 2 machines but it is worth its weight in gold !

3/ obtain detailed medical reports and when I say detailed you must try to do the following :

Be assertive with your GP for a detailed supportive report in how your illness affects your daily life coping with washing , preparing food , mobility capability on good days and bad days and get GP to state how you are on your worst days . If your GP will not help you then contact Practice manager of GP practice and meet her in person . Explain what you require

In my case I send my GP an example word for word what I need him to write and he actually wrote a detailed report .

You also need a report from a medic specialist neurologist you are under and do not let any medic intimidate you into making excuses they cannot supply such a detailed report

Go over their head to head of dept nhs for Manager to clearly state you require reports and are entitled to them .

Never go to an assessment on your own and never rely on your wife or family member

Get an advocate !

I have had good use of my advocate at a social services care assessment at my home recently and had to challenge my care plan being reduced 50% and challenge social worker not listening to me . Refusing to read medical reports . I then used my local counsellor with my Advocates report as 3rd party supporting my case how this social worker treated me with no unbiased views and was very rude towards me .

You need to be armed as if for battle re your health with trying to get this pip award

Assessors are not your friend nor are they employed to make it easy for for or anyone

Detailed medical reports are key
Fill in PIP forms taking careful note of guidance in answering all questions from this website

You need medical reports to clearly state how your mobility is affected by your illness on bad days

When asked at the medical whether you can do something re walking :

You have to explain on tape for the record to challenge at tribunal and asking for mandatory consideration that the results of your scores for each activity are incorrect

Explain why and back up by saying “ you cannot walk more than ? Metres on bad days very slowly and there is no way you can repeat the same movement safely reliably in a timely manner to an acceptable standard without being in acute pain !”

Of course mention you are in pain always if you are and the main point I must address about the questions on your forms you fill out compared to medical :

Take a copy of your completed pip application form with you to assessment and read if necessary from your filled out form what you wrote as it is very daunting having questions fired at you one after another trying to re call what you wrote on your application forms

It is not going to go against you to do this at the face to face assessment to read your form

It seems to me you did NOT fully prepare yourself at all for this new benefit .

You failed to acquire detailed medical reports which an advocate can help you acquire
You failed to express yourself clearly on your forms as you had no support from someone be it advocate social worker citizens advice bureau help you to fill out forms m
You failed to attend face to face assessment with a qualified advocate to speak on your behalf and support you

Without all of the above with your type of illness that is not tangeable you are at a loss before you start the process of filling in pip forms . And that is well before you attend the face to face assessment

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