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PIP Review 5 months 3 weeks ago #236277

Thanks BIS.

My review is due in 2021 according to the award letter so it might be pointless put in an appeal.

Next time I will need use the correct terminology to describe my problems in the descriptors where as mentioned I have not been given no or lesser points so that the HR or DWP is fully aware.

I was not aware that just mentioning wearing hearings aids would not have impact with DWP in awarding the correct points. I still have problems hearing proparly even with the hearing aids but not thought of highlighting this as I had assumed that mentions hearing loss and having hearing aids would cover evrything. I will need to remember this with the next review. Thank you mentioning this point otherwise I would stayed ignorant of this.

An award is better than not getting anything as a lot of genuing claimtants are going through judging by what is in the forum so in a way I am lucky.

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