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TOPIC: PIP renewal

PIP renewal 5 months 3 weeks ago #220270


So you are going to have to provide general medical evidence that ME/CFS is a long-term condition and that someone with a particular level of limitation would likely have those limitations for the extended period that you think would be a reasonable award.

Secondly, you will need medical evidence identifying the level of severity that you have and that despite the CBT that you are receiving that this level is unlikely to change over the longer period indicated by the general evidence.


PIP renewal 5 months 3 weeks ago #220283

Hi Gordon,

Thank you. Q1. So would that info represent a prognosis of sorts?

It is a bit complicated -Can I just clarify that the nurse doing me a letter is NOT giving me CBT (but he is part of the CFS specialist team) he has been giving me energy management sessions,
Q.2 so would he talk about that in terms of the energy management sessions rather than CBT?

Q.3 and are they allowed to specifcially write their opinion of length of award or do they need to talk about it in a round about way?

I could say on the form that I'm having treatment with the CFS specialist team and not elaborate that it includes i.e CBT. The CBT therapist has suggested this and also said that she may only be able to speak about my health in general terms (checking with her boss) and not descriptors and usually it is the Nurse that does this writing about descriptors,
Q.4 So it their any point getting a letter off the CBT therapist?

I have anxiety and depression as independent conditions, however the specialist team recognise that CFS sufferers can have MH symptoms related to the illness. and that's why CBT is offered.

If I chose the option of not specifying all the treatment options for CFS and just state that I'm under CFS specialist team not mentioning the CBT,
Q.5 could this cause me any problems such as not scoring points for mental health?
Q.6 and could this be perceived that I'm not having treatment for anxiety and depression specifically? and I am not on anti-depressants. However, they would probably not be aware of what CFS treatment entails anyway.

and, at my last assessment (previous to CFS treatment ) I was still awarded points on mental health grounds even though I was receiving no treatment at the time.

Thank you


PIP renewal 5 months 3 weeks ago #220294


Q1. For you, yes.

Q2. Yes, whatever the treatment actually is.

Q3. If they have an opinion on the length of the award then encourage them to state it, just remember the DWP are not considering when you will be well again but when your limitations might change sufficiently to warrant a reassessment.

Q4. It's always worth asking, you don't have to submit the report if you don't like it.

Q5 & Q6. If you are not being treated for a mental health problem or receiving medication then you are going to struggle to score or limitations that are MH related


PIP renewal 5 months 3 weeks ago #220328

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for clarifying, on the point of Q5 & Q6, At my last assessment went into my history of a list psychotherapies over the years and documented that I had been on different antidepressants on and off for over 10 years but they had not been effective and I I had side effects from them making my anxiety worse.

Q1 Would this carry any weight to scoring any points for MH?
I did score points last time but I'm not sure if they took this into consideration or not and they did note that I was anxious etc on my MSE at assessment
Q.2 so I don't know if the points would be more likely to be for the MSE?
With the review my condition is the same, the CAB have said it is unlikely that I will be called for an assessment but not guarantee. Q.3 Do you know what is happening in reality with the new AR1 reviews are people getting called in for an assessment?

I could just put on the form about treatment under specialist team and the nurse for my main healthcare specialist and if I get called in for assessment then mention the CBT. Q.4 Is this risky if they DON'T call me in for assessment could the DM award me no points for MH?

My CFS nurse said he can comment on the letter about how anxiety and depression impact my limitations as they are also apart of the condition,
Q5.so would the DWP view it that I was getting support for MH from the nurse, which I have been really it's just not CBT

Q.6 I'm not sure what my best bet is to whether to forget about the length of award, see what the nurse can write re:prognosis and mention the CBT OR whether to just write on form under specialist CFS/ME team and not mention CBT and then maybe mention it if I get an assessment?

Thank you

PIP renewal 5 months 3 weeks ago #220331


Q5&Q6 - I'm afraid the DWP's view is that historical evidence of MH issues does not imply a current problem, even if you can show that treatment was ineffective and that medication has adverse side effects, you are going to have to provide evidence of an on-going problem.

Q1 - Yes, if you can show it.

Q2 - Can't really comment.

Q3 - It's too early to say but stating no change on the old form did not guarantee that no F2F was required.

Q4 - It depends on what the assessor recommends, remember the DM has no medical training.

Q6 - If you are requesting an MR over the award then you have nothing to lose by asking them to look at the award length as well but you should think carefully about doing an MR just over the length of the award.

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PIP renewal 5 months 2 weeks ago #220429

Hi Gordon,

With the moving around descriptor. If prompting, encouraging sometimes helps to get you moving around is that worth mentioning?
if so for the form when tick box asks for: needing aid
and then :need assistance
do you tick the box those or not?

Is it worth mentioning the problems you have walking round indoors as well as outside?

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