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TOPIC: PIP renewal

PIP renewal 5 months 5 hours ago #221691


The tiredness would be relevant to the Moving Around activity, so I would leave it in, as you say it is not going to help for Going Out but I can't see it doing any harm either.

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PIP renewal 1 month 3 weeks ago #226818

Hi Gordon,

Not sure if I'm supposed to start a new thread off here or not.

My assessment date has come through and I've been given a home assessment. I didn't ask for one. On one hand it will help me but on the other it's making me really worried and more anxious as I've never had a home visit before and I don't know what to expect and don't trust them if there will be any pitfalls.

Are there any guidelines of things to be aware of?

I'm presuming it is a good thing they have given me a home one but I'm really not sure as I didn't ask for one?

I'm presuming that they will be looking at how you sit for example and i'm wondering if that puts you at a disadvantage as sat on a settee rather than a hard back chair in a assessment centre may give a different impression. Do they look around your house? it is not my house but I'm having to live with a parent.

I've got difficulties with having someone with me at home for the assessment. Will it go against me if there is no one with me? and especially that it's the person who helps me.

There is a welfare officer who accompanies for assessments but she charges by the hour/minute and there is a two hour window frame for the assessment so could be up to 3hrs total with the assessment , if the assessor does not arrive on time.
but I'm wondering if it is worth asking her if it is going to go against me, if no one else is there. Plus she does speak up where necessary in the assessments.



PIP renewal 1 month 3 weeks ago #226821


A home assessment is a recognition that you have sufficient issues to warrant one so it is usually considered a good thing.

The process is not significantly different from what it would be at there offices.

It is very unlikely that the assessor will ask to look around but if they do then it is at your discretion they have no more rights than any other visitor to your home.

Having someone with you is a good idea, if only for moral support but if you have issues with Mixing with Other People then it will likely go against you if you do not.

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PIP renewal 1 month 3 weeks ago #226928

Hi Gordon,

Thank you, yes I've asked the welfare officer I mentioned for dates they are available as I've not anyone else and she knows my case and does attend with people.

I'm still waiting for her to get back to me, my assessment date is in about two weeks but I'm a bit concerned how long I can leave it before changing the date as they said to notify them straight away.

Do you know what the minimum notice is for changing the assessment date?



PIP renewal 1 month 3 weeks ago #226945


As long as you ring them before the appointment you will be OK but maybe aim to do it the day before.

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PIP renewal 1 month 2 weeks ago #227073

HI Gordon,

I'm having trouble with the assessment provider regarding my home visit.

I rang on Friday to say I need to re-arrange my assessment because I need to have someone with me. They arranged a call back. I missed on call back today as my phone was not on and they left a voicemail, they second call back i missed as my phone was on silent.

they said because I missed 2 call backs they have given me a new date that they cannot change, I said this unfair and that I need to have someone with me for the assessment , so I needed to have a date that she can attend.
I said that they should not of changed the date and I was not told of this when I made the original phone call. the phone handler said it would not be a problem at all. I asked to speak to the line manager was not available and arranged another call back. I explained that I may miss it again as I don't have my phone on overnight and in the morning because my health impacts on my sleep.

the trouble is you can't just ring and alter the appointment and it is always a call back.

Please could you let me know where I stand and what to do about it ?as I thought it was my right to be able to have someone with me and it is not fair that they have changed the date without speaking to me when I explained fully and my original date was in about 10 days time so there was plenty of time to re-arrange and even the original agent said this and said it would not be a problem


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