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TOPIC: PIP result at last!

PIP result at last! 5 months 1 week ago #220890

Thanks for all your replies, really cheered me up that. Orangeblossom, yes that's the next thing on my list I'm starting my formal complaint with Atos starting this weekend and naming names that's for sure.

Thanks James and dwm. Yes this site really can be an inspiration.

Finally, I phoned the PIP helpline for a third time this afternoonand spoke to someone who reassured me and obviously knew how to do his job.

Still waiting for written cofirmation, though.
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PIP result at last! 5 months 5 days ago #221110

Just to say my PIP backpay has gone into my account today. Still no letter, though.

I phoned the helpline and was put onto a Case Manager who confirmed I am on enhanced mobility and standard daily living. They suppoaedly sent a letter out on the 1st o this month!

Anyway, the Case Manager said she is getting one of her colleagues to write a letter today, so will have to wait.

I suppose the important thing is my award has been reinstated. Once I get the letter, my complaint to IAS begins based on what the DWP have awarded me against what the assessor put on the report, then I'm writing to the Nursing and Midwifery place to report her.

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PIP result at last! 5 months 5 days ago #221127

Congratulations on your recent PIP Decision and for not giving up in getting your award for correct benefit payments.

Don't forget to put your paperwork somewhere safe, as no doubt when then months pass you will be able to refer to it again.

Meantime make sure you have some relax time.

All the very best

PIP result at last! 5 months 5 days ago #221154

Thanks, Meg.

I bought some cardboard folders a while ago to keep all my DWP records. The latest 2 are marked PIP 2018 and PIP MR 2018 which will be getting filed away with the rest of my stuff.

Funny you should say to have some relax time. The strange thing is once I'd got my MR sorted instead of feeling elated I felt sort of numb like there was nothing else to do, a sort of empty feeling.

Now I've come to terms with it I do now feel more relaxed as my brother commented on the phone this evening.



PIP result at last! 5 months 3 days ago #221340

Hi Phrank! Well done on the MR! I am going through the process at the moment and annnnny advice about where to even start would be highly appreciated. I have had indefinate DLA which has been reduced to Standard rate for daily living and the Mobility component has been taken away! When I completed the forms I included all medical evidence from my Neurologists/Osteopath and a written statement from my uncle and husband. I don't think the lady at the PIP interview even looked at them even though she mentioned when asked that she had been through it!
I have recorded the interview which works in my favour. However, she asked me if i worked and how I get to work (by using 1 tube) but i have done this journey many times and if the tube lines have issues then I have always used the Access to work facility. She did not go into depth about my journey to and from work even though I emphasised i leave extremely early to avoid the rush and get a seat.
I am waiting for the assessors report but just so confused as to how to draft this up. Did anyone use a Solicitor for the MR stage?

Any advice would be wonderful.

Many Thanks


PIP result at last! 5 months 3 days ago #221385

Hi Kay,

Thanks for the message!

Well in my cover letter I challenged the assessor's qualifications and stated that I believed she wasn't qualified to judge my mental and physical health problems and that therefore she misled the DM into making the wrong decision.

I read through the MR guides thoroughly. Then worked through each descriptor highlighting where and why I thought I should have scored points where relevant. Then I marked myself with what I thought I should have got at the end of each descriptor.

I wrote it out in order and stuck to the points with no waffling and it didn't hurt me to sound a little assertive without sounding shirty.

Then I did an overview/summary sheet stating what award I believe I should have got and the total amount of points.

I tried all along to make it as easy as possible to read through.

Anyway, it seemed to work for me, I might have been lucky, though but all I can say is good luck!

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