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TOPIC: PIP result at last!

PIP result at last! 5 months 3 days ago #221647

Hi all,

Probably won't do me any good, but certainly no harm, I have just written my letters to Independent Assessment Services (ATOS) to initiate my complaint about the assessor. I have also written to The Nursing and Midwifery Council and included a copy of the letter to IAS.

Acording to a friend who used to be a nurse, the latter organusation take complaints like this very seriously.

If it stops her doing the same again, that's satisfaction enough.
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PIP result at last! 5 months 3 days ago #221655

Hi is who the IAS.


PIP result at last! 5 months 2 days ago #221673

clivelate wrote: Hi is who the IAS.


IAS - Independent Assessment Services, they are one of the two organisations providing assessments for PIP.

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PIP result at last! 4 months 3 weeks ago #222303

Hi all.

Just to say, I have had a lengthy response from IAS re my complaint about my PIP assessment and in particular the assessor.

It's basically just a 'get out'. One thing which did concern me: it says 'it is difficult to ascertain what was said and what was not said during the

I pounced on that. I pointed out that it was recorded and that according to the DWP the second copy stays with IAS. I said if they have lost their copy I can get a new copy for them to listen to. Somehow, I doubt very much that they'll take up my offer.

Also I have received a response from the Nursing and Midwifery Council. A long letter together with a form I've sent back. They are basically asking permission to contact the nurse in question and use my correspondence for evidence if need be.

So am waiting for a response to that.
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