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Re:IB to ESA 7 years 9 months ago #65377


The evidence would suggest not, but as I said previously, the DWP computer systems seem to very unresponsive to a changed situation, so it may be that they could not stop the P45 being issued and that a seperate process has to be carried out to re-instate payments.

Bottom line, only the DWP can tell you.


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Re:IB to ESA 7 years 8 months ago #66323

As expected no IB payment no ESA payment.

Rang BC cant get through recoded message then line cuts off.

So I rang the number on the letter that wrong to MP.

They investigated ... aparantly they not done what ever they need to do to restore my IB ...

Long story short I got to wait for a Giro payment should be here by Friday.

Which now means taxi to town to cash it then pay it in at the bank plus taxi back ... hassel I dont need ... I hope it's here by Friday as I got to go to Hospital and need the cash to get there!

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