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TOPIC: PIP renewal

PIP renewal 9 months 2 weeks ago #229034

My GP and psychiatrist wrote supporting letters for my PIP review- even though they clearly put my conditions are chronic and "we are not expecting any improvement, it is more about managing my palliative care in the community" the DM still decided to cut my award length to a year!

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PIP renewal 9 months 2 weeks ago #229041

Hi Gordon,

Yes no decision yet. thanks I'm just in the process of doing that and getting some help tomorrow and my CBT therapist has given me a draft letter to look at and she will see me 1 extra time to make any changes but it is very good letter by the looks of it addressing my concerns with the MH side of things.

I've noticed on the walking section of the mobility that his arguement is that I have no upper limb mobilty issues in terms of pain in the justifiicstion. Pain is not a predominate issue for me and I've hardly mentioned it on my PIP form other than migraines but I knew I wouldn't get any points for it but just mentioned to give an overall of my health. I didn't mention it in terms of the descriptors it was just an add on. At assessment I casually mentioned that I get a bit of pain around my shoulders/neck area and around my eyes with the migraine but I have not said in reference to any of the descriptors.

However the assessor has used it as his main arguement in the walking around and the only thing that I have reported that causes me not to be able to move around reliabily and repeatedly is the fatigue and not pain! Is it me of is this not right?

I've started to question whether when he wrote the assessment up that he got confused with the other people he assessed on that day but I think it more likely points to dodgy assessemt practices. I've also listened to my recording and he keeps saying that he'd added on that I couldn't do move around reliably and repeatedly and there is no sign of it on the report. Can I mention the recording with the DWP in respect to this or how best to go about that?


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PIP renewal 9 months 2 weeks ago #229052


You can mention the recording but the DM is not going to consider it.

You say fatigue limits your walking, what evidence do you have to support this? Have you measured the distance that you can reliably walk on the majority of days? How does it vary? What are the after effects of your walking? Is there anything that contradicts the distance that you can walk, for example; do you go shopping?


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PIP renewal 8 months 3 weeks ago #230011

HI Gordon,

I'm sorry I'm only just getting back to your reply but in short I've covered of of the pointers you indicated in my AR1 and medical evidence and dismissed at assessment.

Anyway I managed to send a very good letter with help to challenge the main points in the assessment and a week after it was received they made a decision and it has made no difference whatsoever, other than the DM increased my 1 yr award to 2 yrs, which is what it was last time anyway and as they always contact a year in advance it is 1 year in reality.

So having to go the MC route, which is likely to be another waste of time and energy that I havent got ( other than process of getting an appeal) and they rarely change anything at MC stage, although I'm told they are meant to make their decision water tight in reality this CANNOT be true for the amount of appeals and sucess rate. it is no wonder the tribunals are trying to save money with the online appeal. You would think the other government run establishment - DWP would be targeted as the true cause of high expediture and spreading of misery and suffering. It is a joke.


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PIP renewal 8 months 3 weeks ago #230013

Hi Ellen, Sorry for late reply, sorry to hear your story, it seems that medical evidence and medical opinion counts for nothing. iunfortunately the only thing you can do is appeal it if you're not satisfied

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PIP renewal 8 months 2 weeks ago #230244

Hi Gordon,

I'm concerned about the privacy of my posts in regard to my claim, would it be possible to send you a private message?

Thank you

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