Half a Million DLA Cuts ‘Positive’ For Health Says DWP Plus Save Money Now On Your Subscription

Losing your disability living allowance (DLA) may make you healthier, the DWP has argued, as they show how they plan to slash claimant numbers by half a million when personal independence payment ( PIP) is introduced. The cuts will also mean that only half as many people will get  a combined award of both the care component (daily living component under PIP) and mobility component.

Meanwhile,  Iain Duncan Smith has complained that two thirds of DLA claimants ‘fester’ on unchecked lifetime awards, so something had to be done about it.

Elsewhere, the DWP show they are soft on fraud – but only if you’re a multimillion business – and soft on crime – provided you work for the DWP.

Plus yet another charity discovers there’s no real work for them on the Work Programme, they were just being used and discarded by cynical private sector companies.

We don’t go out of our way to make enemies, but then we don’t really have to.

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The DWP have published an impact statement in relation to the introduction of PIP, which is set to replace DLA for working age claimants starting from next year. 

 According to the statement, the total number of people expected to get  any award of the care component (called the daily living component under PIP) will fall from 2 million to 1,250,000 by 2016. 

The total number of people expected to get  any award of the mobility component will fall from 1,940,00 to 1,310,000.

But it is the number of combined awards that will drop most dramatically.  The number of people expected to get both a care and a mobility award will fall by almost half, from 1,760,000 to 890,000.

In total, the number of awards is expected to fall from 2.2 million to 1.7 million.

The DWP do not believe, however, that anyone will suffer as a result of the significant cut in income which many sick and disabled people will suffer, arguing on page 10 of the document that they may even become healthier: 

“. . .  evidence is limited as to whether a change in income has an effect on health . . . It is possible that the policy could have positive impacts on health if it leads to more disabled people moving into work.”

You can download the impact statement from the DWP website and you can read more and comment in the Benefits and Work members only area.

Meanwhile, Iain Duncan Smith told the Telegraph that DLA has grown by 30 per cent in the past few years because it is ‘​very loosely defined’​ and ‘​lots of people weren’t actually seen’​.  As a result, he argued:

“Something like 70 per cent had lifetime awards, (which) meant that once they got it you never looked at them again. They were just allowed to fester.”

The combination of implying that a large proportion of DLA claims are fraudulent, plus accusing people with permanent impairments of festering, brings us to a new low in the state’s attacks on the sick and disabled.  Following on from Duncan Smith’s recent  attack on Remploy workers, you could almost begin to believe that he has developed an irrational hatred for the majority of disability benefits claimants for which he should probably seek help.

You can read the full article in the Telegraph and Benefits and Work members can comment here.

Bringing criminals before a court and ensuring maximum publicity for their crimes is something that only applies to claimants as far as the DWP is concerned, not to their own staff or to the companies they do business with.

This was amply demonstrated by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, which showed private detectives illegally using insiders to get hold of individuals’ personal data, including social security records.

Channel 4 discovered that almost 1,000 DWP staff were disciplined in just one 10 month period for unlawfully or inappropriately accessing claimants records. Yet there is no evidence that any of the culprits were handed over to the police by the DWP, in spite of the fact that accessing data is a criminal offence in such circumstances. 

You can watch the Dispatches programme here and Benefits and Work members can read more and comment here.

This reluctance to prosecute their own also applies to the DWP’s business partners.  Last week the DWP sacked  A4E from just one small mandatory work contract, but the National Audit Office (NAO) has now accused the department of failing to properly investigate the company or many others who have possibly been guilty of defrauding the taxpayer.

In fact, of £​773,000 worth of fraud by private companies involved in back-to-work schemes actually uncovered by the DWP, only £410,000 has so far been repaid.

You can read the full story in the Guardian and Benefits and Work members can comment on it here.

The number of charities discovering that they were conned when it comes to back-to-work programmes continues to increase. 

St Mungo’​s charity, which works with homeless people particularly in central London, has not received a single referral from the three private sector contractors who are supposed to be sending clients to them.

Private sector agencies were under strong pressure to show that they would be using the skills of the voluntary sector when they were making bids for the lucrative work programme contracts. However, now that the contracts are safely awarded the charities appear to have been unceremoniously ditched.

Full story on the Third Sector website and Benefits and Work members can comment here.


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