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Claimants will lose benefits permanently if falsely accused of fraud, DWP decides

Dear Reader,

In this edition we have the extraordinary news that from next Monday, where a claimant is investigated by the DWP as a result of an entirely false and malicious accusation of fraud, they will automatically lose their disability living allowance (DLA) and be forced to make a claim for personal independence payment (PIP) instead.

There is also the sad, but unsurprising, news that following a hasty and entirely sham consultation, the government is to stick with the harsh 20 metre limit for claiming the higher rate of the mobility component of PIP. Existing claimants whose award is up for renewal from 28th October onwards will be affected. Although as this newsletter was being written, news came in that the roll out of PIP may now happen much more gradually than previously planned. There will be more on this in the latest news section of the site when we get clarification.

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There is better news in relation to employment and support allowance, however, where the latest figures released by the DWP show a record number of people being found incapable of work and getting into the support group.

Meanwhile Atos continues to take a battering, with MP Dennis Skinner calling on the government to “abolish this cruel heartless monster called Atos” and Citizens Advice revealing that over 150,000 people have raised serious concerns about the work capability assessment administered by Atos.

Finally, for women in need of a holiday because of issues such as poverty and caring responsibilities, we have news of a charity that’s keen to help with up to £350 towards a break.

Being found entirely innocent of fraud will no longer be a defence against the loss of your DLA. Instead, the DWP has chosen to make anonymous hate campaigns against disabled neighbours and work colleagues potentially much more damaging.

The DWP have ruled that from next Monday, if you are investigated because of an allegation that you are fraudulently claiming DLA, you will automatically lose your DLA award and be assessed for PIP instead, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. The change in policy does not appear to be lawful, but that’s not a consideration that seems to trouble the DWP or the government these days.

It means that claimants with indefinite awards of DLA, who may not have been due to be assessed for PIP until 2017, could find themselves forced onto the much harder to claim PIP years early.

This could be especially awful for claimants with mobility awards, given the DWP’s confirmation this week that it is to entirely ignore the results of its hasty PIP consultation and stick with a 20 metre limit for the enhanced rate of the PIP mobility component.

By the DWP’s own estimates, over 400,000 claimants are likely to lose out as a result of the changes to the mobility component and the new disability minister, Mike Penning, has already confirmed that he expects spending on DLA and PIP to begin falling (members only) as early as next year.

However, plans to assess all DLA claimants for PIP by 2017 may already be in trouble. The Disability News Service has revealed that crisis meetings have taken place across the country because Atos has a serious shortage of doctors (members only) able to carry out disability benefits assessments.

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Find out more about our PIP training or:

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In spite of the continued vicious rhetoric from government ministers, the latest DWP statistics show that, in reality, a record percentage of claimants are being found to be eligible for employment and support allowance and a record percentage of those claimants are being placed in the support group.

Initial assessments of claims started from December 2012 to February 2013 show that 42% of claimants were assessed as fit for work, but 58% of claimants were entitled to Employment and Support Allowance with 23% being placed in the work-related activity group and 35% being placed in the support group.

Worryingly, however, 29% of people who made claims between December 2012 and February 2013 are still waiting for a decision in their case.

With such an enormous backlog, it’s not surprising that the knives appear increasingly to be out for Atos, the multinational that administers the work capability assessment.

During Prime Minister’s Question Time last week Labour's Dennis Skinner called on the prime minister to "abolish this cruel heartless monster called Atos".

Meanwhile, Islington council has passed a vote of no confidence in Atos after 90% of ESA appeals assisted by the council ended in victory for the claimant.

And there was further embarrassment for Atos after Citizens Advice revealed that over 150,000 people have raised serious concerns about the work capability assessment.

Gillian Guy, the chief executive of Citizens Advice, warned: "Atos is failing to do its job properly, failing to give taxpayers value for money and worst of all, failing thousands of sick and disabled people who bear the brunt of wrong assessments."

ESA Appeal won at Tribunal

“The Information on this Web site was invaluable in preparing for this case as I was representing myself, and I thank you very much. Well worth the joining fee absolutely brilliant.”

The Claimant Commitment has begun its roll-out to 100 jobcentres a month, where it will supersede the current system of jobseekers agreements for new claimants. The claimant commitment imposes a greater burden and a greater possibility of sanctions on claimants, including sick and disabled claimants forced off ESA and onto JSA.

From 28th October the system of mandatory reconsiderations will apply to ESA claimant who are challenging a decision that they are capable of work made on or after that date. ESA claimants will not be eligible for ESA at the assessment phase rate whilst they are waiting for a mandatory reconsideration decision. They may need to claim JSA until the result the reconsideration decision is made and thus be subject to the claimant commitment.

Finally, not entirely a benefits story, but one which may be of interest to some of our readers. We have recently heard from the Mary Macarthur Trust, which exists to provide holidays for women who are in need of a period of rest or holiday by reason of age, poverty, infirmity, disablement or social or economic circumstances. The Trust aims to provide a break needed at a crucial time and provides financial help towards the cost of a holiday.

The Trust tries to help as many women as possible each year. Therefore the maximum available for any holiday is normally £350.00, although this may be increased very slightly in exceptional circumstances. Grants are available now.

Our Campaigns page is now online, listing some of the most important benefits campaigns currently taking place.

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We’ve had lots of good news on the forum since the last newsletter, especially from people getting into the support group for ESA. Please do keep your good news coming, we know from feedback it makes a huge difference to other people and encourages them to carry on even when things seem truly desperate.

Support Group without a medical
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Thank you – IB to ESA Support Group
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The guides and advice posted here surely contributed greatly to helping fill in the convoluted forms and her successfull transition.”

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Good luck,

Steve Donnison

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