Smiling woman4 March 2010

24 points at employment and support allowance (ESA) appeal
Just returned from my ESA tribunal where I was awarded 24 points as opposed to the 0 points I scored at my medical. I was in and out within 15 minutes.

Thank you for all the valuable help and information on this site . . . I couldn't have managed without it.

For all of you who are still waiting for your appeal - it's really not as bad as you might think. Good luck.

Higher mobility & care for ME
I just wanted to say thanks!  I Just heard today that I am getting HIGH rate for both mobility and care!! even without a medical !! I can hardly  believe it. I have been ill with ME for twelve years and have had my battles with trying to get any benefit for the mobility & care needs that I have. I am at the more severe end of ME. So this does feel like some justice at long last!!

Two years ago I was refused but won on appeal, but to know I don't have to go through all that stress again and a worsening of my illness is too great for words !!
My Carer and son followed the advice you gave from the pack, particularly about providing as much evidence as possible and sending in 'Extra information' sheets. It took them hours, but as we know how ill I am it was worth it to them to present the best possible case, so this must have made a huge difference.

Thank you so much
Keep up the good work!!

Successful ESA appeal
I am using your guidance for my own benefit while going through the process of applying for ESA and DLA. In addition, I helped someone, today, who is part of my self-help group for my condition, at her appeal and she won a benefits award for ESA. She had been awarded 0 points through the medical assessment but the tribunal found that she should be awarded points above the 15 point threshold. Using your guidance to help her made all the difference"

Middle care, lower mobility for CFS/ME

Just wanted to share some good news with you.  In late December I managed to get my son middle rate care and lower rate mobility for his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME.  This was after 18 months of trying.  It really does pay to keep going.
I had to put up with the DWP making me out to be a serial fantasist.  They even dismissed  reports from an Occupational Therapist and Complex Care Panel and insisted that they still could not make my son an award. 

I did, however, have help from the CAB, who were fantastic.  Add to this your amazing site and the encouragement you give to all your members and browsers and collectively this was my recipe for success.

Thanks so much. 

Harrowing ESA appeal
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the invaluable guidance and advice that you provide.  I went with a family member to support them through their tribunal hearing for ESA.  It was a thoroughly harrowing experience and one that I am not keen to repeat.  I was not allowed to act as a witness during the hearing, at one point I had to ask them to stop being so aggressive in their questioning as they were making the person I was with so anxious and stressed.  At the end I was allowed 2 minutes to speak and told by the lawyer chairman to make sure it was relevant.  At different times during the hearing I was told to shut up and had a hand thrust towards my face, the chairperson became very red in the face and angry and the whole thing was intimidating beyond belief.  However we received a letter today to tell us that it had been awarded in our favour!!!  Without the advice you offer we would never have gotten so far. I can't thank you enough.

Higher rate mobility and care
Thank you all so much for the superb advice on the site.  I have just received my award of higher rate mobility and higher rate care for 2yrs and I am ecstatic as it means I can reduce the hours I work -I  am in constant pain and not very mobile and the lifeline this has given me is indescribable. I know it wont change my condition but as the sole earner in the family and not being able to cope I now feel more optimistic about the future.
Thank you

Higher rate mobility

I just wanted to tell you that after 7 months & 1 appeal I have finally been award the higher rate of DLA Mobility.

I suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a particularly unpleasant  condition which is known as an orphan illness.  It takes the form of abscesses & blind boils in the groin, crutch and armpit.  Because of the lack of interest in HS most people are misdiagnosed for many years, past the time when surgery may help, so only palliative care is available.

Last year someone told me about DLA and I decided to apply, (I have to say that I was woefully ignorant of the benefits system) I completed the form on line & submitted it. I was eventually refused in October 2008. My doctors report was non-committal to say the least. By this time I had discovered your site and took on board your advice. I appealed and fortunately, I can compose a fairly good letter and following the advice shown on your website and submitting an excerpt from the HS website, I won the appeal without a personal appearance or medical.
Without your hints I wouldn't have known where to start - Thanks. I have passed your website details on to at least 5 others.


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