19 January 2011

Below is a little more good news from members to prove that not everything’s gloom and doom in the world of benefits.  As always, names have been changed to protect confidentiality.  Do get in touch if you have good news to share.

DLA higher rate care and mobility for ME
I want to thank Benefits and Work for your useful guides. Within a month after submitting my DLA form I received Higher rate Care and Mobility for three years. I applied last year and was unsuccessful but I wasn't well enough to go through the appeal. Using your guides I decided to reapply, this time I was successful. I suffer from ME and it's a fight to get DLA Higher rate for this illness. I will be using your guides to help with ESA when my time arrives.

IB appeal won ‘in advance’
Just to let you know - just over a year since we visited Atos at Croydon for the medical that resulted in my wife's Incapacity Benefit being withdrawn, despite her ME meaning that any attempt at even part time voluntary work ended in relapse - today we heard the good news that the decision has been overturned by the Tribunal service, on the day that we were due to travel up to Grays Inn Road for the hearing this afternoon. We didn't even need to travel - we were alerted by phone 'in advance'!
Writing to thank you for your guide re appeals which really put us on the track to success!

ESA support group
Thanks to the help your web pages and downloaded booklets gave me. I successfully won an appeal for a client with Cronh's Disease yesterday. The client had 9 points from the Medical Services doctor.  The tribunal awarded her another 6. Making the 15 points required to be placed in the support group.  The tribunal also said that the Special Circumstances Regulation also applied.  Once again Benefit and Work have proved their worth,  Thank you.

Mobility and care

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the info on this site.
I successfully appealed against a 'no award' decision made on 12th January. Yesterday, the tribunal, after an intense one and a half interview, awarded me Mobility and  Care allowances. I don't know if the DWP will appeal against this but for the moment I feel justice and truth have prevailed. Thank you again for all the information. I will continue to support the website with annual subscriptions.

Higher rate mobility and care

I thought I would share my joy with you.  I have just received letter from DWP granting me Higher Rate for both mobility and care. 
I could not have achieved this without your advice.  I was frantic with worry trying to complete those wretched forms.
Many, many thanks.

Drastically cut down my hours
I was looking for some help regarding what financial help was available a few months ago and your web site said it all and did exactly what it said on the tin! 

I desperately wanted to keep my job, but could not cope with the hours I had been doing due to having fibromyalgia and arthritis. However I could not imagine how it would be possible and that's where you guys come in. I joined up, followed your comprehensive and practical advise and support and although It involved a lot of soul searching and honesty to myself to have to admit I was not coping  or having a life I applied for DLA. Got award yesterday, to me like a lottery win. Now means I can afford to drastically cut down my hours keep my job and buy myself some time to relax a bit
PRICELESS.Thank you so much.

Top drawer

Top drawer advice!
DLA claim success 1st time of asking.
Thank you so much.

High care and low mobility for autism/Asperger Syndrome

I just wanted to say thank you to Benefits and Work for the helpful advice on your site.

My son was finally diagnosed with high functioning autism/Asperger Syndrome at age 10, but his claim for DLA was refused. With the help of Benefits and Work guides and advice from forum users I appealed and he was awarded high rate care and low rate mobility. When he was 14 he had to renew his claim and with the help of Benefits and Work guides, he was awarded high rate care and low rate mobility again. He is just about to reach age 16 and change from a claim for a child to a claim as an adult, this has been very difficult and confusing for me as he has little insight into his condition and he refuses to engage with services. I used a Benefits and Work guide again and after months of anxiety I have just been notified that he has been awarded high rate care and low rate mobility indefinitely! This is such a relief because it means we can continue to provide the support he needs.

Thank you so much for all your help, I don't know what I would have done without your help.



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