3 March 2009
It’s always good to hear something positive amongst all the gloom, so here’s another selection of the happy feedback we’ve received from members in the last few weeks.

Woman holding thank you cardMany thanks to all of you who take the time and trouble to let us know how you got on, even if we haven’t been able to print your email here.

As always, permission has been asked and names have been changed to protect confidentiality

A very tense, emotional and scary hour
I just wanted you to know that I am now in receipt of DLA, mainly because of this site. I applied for DLA in June last year and have consulted these guides with every form, note, phone call, description and piece of evidence given to the DWP. I have also had assistance in these last few weeks (and at the Tribunal) from a wonderful man from Social Services, who only praised the way I (your site!) handled everything. And to think I nearly gave up when that huge pile of papers landed on my doormat months ago. But I heeded your advice and persisted. On the morning of my Tribunal, all that was going through my head was the 70% of claimants who get awarded DLA. After a very tense, emotional and scary hour, we left the room and I cried some more. Then our Social Services man came in wafting a piece of paper stating that the 3 had unanimously decided on middle rate care and low rate mobility, all dated back to June 2007.

I literally went to bed and slept for 4 hours - I had not slept well all week with the worry! I thank you and everyone else who helps with this website, very, very much as this will help change and improve my life, and the lives of my fiancé and 3 children.

Awarded the full amounts within 3 weeks
Just to let you know that I used your advice sheets to help an elderly couple fill in the AA forms and both of them, quite rightly, were awarded the full amounts within 3 weeks of posting the applications. They have now joined as contributors to your site.

Again, many thanks for your hard work.

Higher Rate for Care and the Higher Rate for Mobility
I just thought I would let you know that I finally got round to reapplying again for an increase in my DLA in November.

Previously I had been awarded the lower rate for care and every time I renewed it or contacted them to say my situation had worsened it still came back with the same award of the lower rate for care and no mobility.

I resubmitted my application in November using your guidance notes every step of the way, and it has just come back with an award at the Higher Rate for Care and the Higher Rate for Mobility, which I know I would not have been able to achieve without your fantastic information being available to me. It took me a tremendous amount of time to complete the application forms and I was just recovering from flu which didn't help. I was fully prepared to have to appeal with the possible follow up of tribunals, but didn't have to. My application must have been sufficient.

I am therefore looking forward to getting a new car which will have been adapted so that I can take my mobility scooter with me, as at the moment, my husband has had to take the back seats out of our current car and use 2 ramps to get the scooter in.

With very best wishes, and thanks again,

Higher rate DLA for care and mobility
I am just writing to thank you for all the help your site has given me.

Every time I renew my DLA there is always a problem and I have even been to two appeal hearings. Both times I received the higher rate DLA for mobility and care so I realised that it must be the way I complete the forms that causes the problems.
This time when my renewal forms arrived I became a member of your site and used your advice when I completed my forms.

I'm pleased to say that a letter arrived today saying that I would receive higher rate DLA for care and mobility for the next 5 years.

Many thanks.

Awarded for an indefinite period
Just a simple Thank you.

DLA had reduced my severely autistic son’s allowance as he was “ no longer mentally impaired and did not exhibit challenging behaviour!” (I did ask them for the magic cure for autism).

I asked them to look at it again and they wouldn’t budge so I them asked for a tribunal, after drafting a letter using heaps of your advice.

Today I received a letter to say that they had looked at it yet again and lo and behold, my son is “severely mentally impaired and displays challenging behaviour!!” and to make it even better it has been awarded for an indefinite period rather than the 3 year renewal that it has been since he was four.

Thank you so much.


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