The DWP has announced that the first cost of living payment instalment of £326 will be paid automatically from 14 July 2022.  The second instalment of £324 will be paid in the Autumn, bringing the total to £650 for eligible claimants.

The first instalment for qualifying low income households in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be paid into bank accounts from 14 July 2022, continuing to the end of the month.

The payments will be made to households receiving the following benefits:

Universal Credit,

Income-based Jobseekers Allowance,

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance,

Income Support,

Working Tax Credit,

Child Tax Credit,

Pension Credit.

To be eligible for the first instalment, claimants needed to be in receipt of one of these benefits, or have been entitled to one of them, as of 25th May 2022.

More details are available on the website.


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    Freda · 3 days ago
    Wish they would make their mind up. Initial date announcement stated on 14 July not from.
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    VikingMermaid · 7 days ago
    Can somebody please explain why those of us automatically awarded contributions-based ESA (as opposed to income-related ESA) miss out on payments - eg "the £650 to those in receipt of benefit" that the government keeps crowing about -  which are supposed to support those on very low income?  

    My contributions-based ESA is the only income I have.  I believe that, historically, it was possible to transfer over to income-related ESA from contributions-based,, but I was never informed of this, and found out by chance some time after that option had passed.  

    I can't believe I'm the only person on here who experienced a very stressful ESA assessment and, as a result, is fearful of asking to transfer over to Universal Credit voluntarily (even though CAB informed me I'd be financially better off if I did it) because of a possible repeat experience.
    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      Sam · 2 days ago
      @VikingMermaid Yeah people have been treated badly and yet again, like the £20 uplift, some people are excluded.

      I must say though, I would much rather be on contributions ESA if I could than income related regardless of this bonus.

      You get punished much more severely if you try and work in income related ESA and get nothing if you have over £15750 of savings.

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