14 October 2009

As usual, there’s not much good news when it comes to benefits.  So we thought it was time to share a selection of recent emails from members, which may cheer you up a little.  Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.  Do get in touch if you have good news to share.

“more than I dared hope for”

Have just received notification that thanks to the help provided by your site my daughter aged 8 with Asperger's syndrome has been awarded middle rate for care and lower mobility rate.  This is more than I dared hope for having been turned down before.  The subscription fee for your site was the best money I have ever spent. 

Thank you so much!!!!

“I have CFS/ME”

Without the guidance from your site I doubt I would have received the higher rate of DLA for my mobility.

I have CFS/ME and many of my acquaintances who have the same condition have failed on their DLA claims but have not subscribed to your company and therefore not had the same help that I have received.
Thank you, the subscription money I have paid to access your site has been money well spent.  I am unwell and have been for 20 years and the extra DLA makes a huge difference.

“I am in shock but so relieved”

Thank you so much for the guides, which I used to complete my DLA claim form.  I have just been awarded full mobility and middle care.  I had tried before years ago and was turned down.  I am in shock but so relieved not to have to scrimp for every penny now for the next 18 months.

“your wonderful website”
Having attended a medical in January, they found me capable for work so I set the ball rolling to appeal.  With the help of a local welfare rights representative and your wonderful website I attended my tribunal at the end of May and was successful.  Your website was invaluable and thank you for being part of my success story. 

“I haven't stopped grinning since”
I just wanted to add my comments to all the other positive feedback you have received.
Although I am not an experienced Representative I have successfully helped my brother achieve an increased award from the lower to the middle rate care component of DLA.  My brother suffers from chronic Schizophrenia so I was concerned about the effect the ordeal of a Tribunal hearing would have on him. I only came across your website after we had been notified of the date for the Hearing but I still found your guides were invaluable in helping me to prepare. I had already decided to make a written submission in advance which I sent to the Tribunal Service two weeks before the Hearing.

Having considered my written submission much to our surprise and great relief the Panel had already decided and found in our favour before we had even entered the room. The Chair told us straight away that on the basis of the submission document they agreed with our view of my brother's level of entitlement and so there was no need to put him through the ordeal of asking him lots of questions. He also complimented me on the clarity of my submission. We were literally in and out of there in less than 10 minutes. The subscription monies was certainly the best £18 I have ever spent.
The Hearing was yesterday and I haven't stopped grinning since. Thank you.

“worth nearly 70 pounds a week”
We joined your service when my husband’s incapacity benefit came up for review. Your info was invaluable to us and he the passed medical with medical services and was given 5 years, so that takes him to within 6 months of his 65th birthday.

A few years ago he was rejected for dla so following your method and using medical services report he applied again and today, only 3 weeks after applying, he was awarded low mobility and middle care which is worth nearly 70 pounds a week. Without your tips and expertise I don’t think he would have passed either so easily.

Well worth the money.

“relieve my financial worries to a significant degree”
 I am writing to say how helpful I found your guidelines to claiming dla. I used your model to structure my application and was successful in being awarded a higher rate than during my last 3 applications.  I was forced to retire from work 8 years ago due to ill health and have struggled to manage on a private pension since.

The substantial increase in my future monthly dla payments will relieve my financial worries to a significant degree and I am really grateful that I came across your website when I did.

I would urge anyone who has stumbled blindly through the minefield of questions on dla application forms to join up. Arm yourself with this knowledge and give yourself a fighting chance! Your guidelines equipped me to battle with the DWP and win a fair deal for myself. Many thanks indeed.

“by far the best money I have ever spent on the Internet”
Thanks guys, without you I would have lost my DLA for sure.  This is by far the best money I have ever spent on the Internet. Thanks to you and your advice I got the highest rate on both components for an unlimited time.  What a weight off my shoulders.

“such a good resource”

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a good resource.  I only came across your site two days before a Doctor was going to complete my medical for DLA. I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, I have been poorly for a long time but never applied before due to all the horror stories.  I have received notice now that I have been successful, it really did help to have an insight into the procedure.

“your advice has been superb”

Just to say your advice has been superb for claiming DLA and far better than that provided by the patients organisations I belong to or to be honest, even the Welfare Rights people I dealt with a couple of renewals ago. (Although to be fair, the Welfare Rights people did care but were wishy washy).

I have this morning been awarded mobility and middle care indefinitely on my renewal claim. It is not a medal and I would rather be fit and active, but this is a relief.

I was careful to try and be accurate with my claim, especially as my needs do vary day to day and week to week. So I was pleased to see that the DM put words like, "although your needs vary; the help you need most of the time is as follows: etc". Fair that!


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