A sinister development in the way security is being maintained in the House of Commons is emerging, as reported by Disabled People Against Cuts.

Disabled spectators attending the work and pensions select committee during the questioning of Mike Penning on PIP progress, were intimidated by the manner in which the armed police wielded their machine guns.{jcomments on}

In the report they state that the guns were pointed ­towards the disabled spectators, as they were waiting in the corridor to go into the meeting, and afterwards as they came out.

They say: “A very disturbing sight to see an MP having guns pointed at 3 unarmed people in wheelchairs and about 8 other disabled people and carers who came peacefully to exercise their democratic right to sit in on a hearing.”

In addition, they report that they are being subjected to more and more rigorous searches prior to being permitted to enter the House of Commons, being asked to remove watches and even a belt.

One disabled woman who was there said “we are being treated like terrorists because we are disabled people – disgusting!”

DPAC reporter says: I simply want to reiterate that the very fact that DWP ministers felt the need to be protected from us and to be hidden away behind machinegun carrying police in this way simply illustrates how successful we have been with our campaigning so far.

Surely democracy, if it exists, depends on government of the people by consensus rather than by the use of force or fear which is tyranny.”

Following the meeting, an unknown source submitted a Freedom of Information request asking for details as to why this behaviour by the armed police had been sanctioned, and who by.

Within this request there is the statement: “…the witnesses stated something rather disturbing which wasn’t seen on camera which could explain their unusual silence throughout the proceedings. There were several policemen or security guards with machine guns, not pointed down, instead pointing TOWARDS the public area throughout this meeting.

Read the story in full here including the FOI request


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