30 January 2008
From time to time we try to leaven the misery of reporting yet another attack on claimants’ livelihoods and reputations by providing some good news.

So below is a selection of recent successes by Benefits and Work members:

Enormous difference to my life
Last year, I applied for Disability Living Allowance (I have ME/CFS) and was turned down. I took it to appeal and went before a panel (horrendous experience) and was awarded only the lower rate care component, and no mobility component , for only one year, even though I was obviously very ill and I had a letter from my GP etc.

This year, when I reapplied, I joined Benefits and Work and followed the guide on how to fill in the form. I have just received a letter from DWP: I have been awarded the higher rate mobility component and the middle rate care component until 2010...and this was not at an appeal stage.

This will make an enormous difference to my life! Thank you so very much. Joining Benefits and Work was money well spent!

Celebrating but kicking ourselves
I thought Mam might be eligible for Lower Rate A A because of her poor mobility and stiff upper limbs so I followed your website guidance: the application was sent off last Wednesday with 5 pages of additional supporting pages and exactly as suggested in your guidance. It is something I have been meaning to do for at least 2 years but the application process frightened me off. I was informed yesterday by DWP that Mam is eligible for Higher Rate AA and we are both celebrating but kicking ourselves that we've missed out on thousands of pounds of AA.

Over £4,000
I have just read your email for this month and the good news that one of your members received £2000 back pay for a D.L.A. claim. I too spent over twelve months trying to claim D.L.A. for my severe ulcerative colitis. It was a difficult claim and there where many disappointments it went all the way to a personal appeal, and at that appeal the D.L.A. did not even attend. The tribunal were very good but thorough, they awarded me full mobility and full care awards, over £4000. I had the help of your pages for advise but also had an adviser which was invaluable. If I would have been unwell it would have been in good hands .The money has really helped, thank you all.

Lower rate mobility and middle rate care for CFS
I wanted to say a huge thank you from me and my husband for your invaluable guide to DLA applications (adult on physical grounds).

Having been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in January 2007 your guide gave me the confidence to apply for DLA. Your guide left me in no doubt that I qualified for support.

We followed your guide very carefully and often needed it to translate what was being asked on the form! Without the guide we would made easy common mistakes. Using your expertise we were able to present a strong application.

I am delighted to report that 2 months after submitting the form I have been awarded Lower Rate Mobiity with Middle Rate Care Allowance and have already received my back dated payments!

My award is for two years and I did not require a medical visit - my application, further information and GP statement was enough to make the award.

I cannot praise you enough and feel my nominal subscription to your service was an absolute bargain!

£4,200 had been paid into my post office account
Thanks to Benefits and Work I was able to use their knowledge and expertise a month before my third tribunal hearing. I learned how to present conflicting evidence without alienating the tribunal and 48 hours later I had a letter confirming a years worth of DLA. Yesterday I received a letter from the DWP informing me that £4,200 had been paid into my post office account. A well invested £16.

Appeal granted
I thought you might like to know that I have just received a letter from the Tribunal Service telling me that my Appeal has been granted and I do not have to attend on Thursday! Talk about last minute!

I would like to say how helpful I found your site. I followed all your recommendations with regard to my Appeal papers. I also managed to get a "To Whom it may Concern" letter from one of my consultants, which might have helped.

Once again many thanks indeed for your help and advice. I would recommend your site to anyone who has problems dealing with the DWP.

Chair congratulated me
Just to say I represented at a tribunal in Plymouth yesterday and as always used info from your site to prepare the submission, not only did we get the award we wanted but the Chair congratulated me on the quality of my submission saying it was one of the best they had ever had!!
Lindsey Churchill, Perennial - Gardeners' Royal Benevolent Society

I was not confident
I am writing to thank you for the help and assistance that your guides gave to me when applying for the disability living allowance for the fourth time.

This was to be my last time, and as such, I was not confident of actually getting any further than I had in the past.

I used the guides that I downloaded referring to them as I was filling in my form, and again reading them when I was informed of a visit by a doctor to assess my condition. This was very useful as he had me do stretching exercised and walking so that he could assess me. The placement of my walking stick and other aids where they were visible was also noted by the doctor.

I was only looking to get the lower rate of mobility and no care component of the claim, but the results came through yesterday, and they have awarded me the higher rate of mobility, and the lower rate of care.

Thank you for your assistance, and I will recommend your site to anyone who asks about getting assistance in completing the forms in the future.

DLA for ME
I thought I’d drop you a line thanking you for your service. My wife, an M.E. sufferer, has just been awarded the DLA she applied for and I have no doubt that the claim would not have been successful without the direction from Benefits and Work.

I am so happy
This last one isn’t from an email, but from the ChronicallyMe blog:

I have been awarded Disability Living Allowance! I am so happy!
They have given me Lower Rate Mobility and Middle Rate Care allowance. Plus they have awarded it for 2 years. Great news.
I am certain this is down to a strong application with lots of additional information, seven supporting letters/statements from family and friends and a great GP who I suspect wrote a spot on report for the DLA decision makers.

I wholeheartedly recommend subscribing to www.benefitsandwork.co.uk to anyone considering applying for DLA. They also provide advice on Incapacity benefit claims. Their advice guide is just brilliant - it’s easy to follow, it decodes the ridiculously complex DLA form and it tells you step by step how to give the strongest application you can. They also left me in no doubt that I qualify and that I should apply.

© 2008 Steve Donnison


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