The latest DWP statistics reveal that over half a million universal credit (UC) claimants have been sanctioned in the year to July 2023.  The proportion of claimants sanctioned is now getting close to the peak rate in October 2022.

DWP figures show that in August 2023, 6.48% of all UC full service claimants who could be subject to a sanction were having deductions from their award as a result of a sanction.

This is not far below the peak level of sanctions, which stood at 6.84% in October 2022.

In the year to July 2023, 522,690 UC claimants were sanctioned.

In July 2023 alone, there were 49,000 new sanctions applied.

96.5% of sanctions were for failure to attend or participate in a mandatory interview.

You can read the full sanctions statistics here.


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    Diane Greenwood · 15 days ago
    Earlier this year I got a letter out of the blue to say that I had to repay approx £225 because I had been overpaid via ESA.  They said I hadn't provided information about my small private pension for 3 years.  I know I have filled out the forms asking for information every time, but I cannot prove this, so I have no choice but to repay the sum.  I can understand that a response may have been lost in the post or in the system, but 3 consecutive years?  They don't accept that it's taken 3 years to realise that there may have been an issue.  I can't help but wonder if they deliberately left it this long to say anything, or that their systems didn't flag it sooner.  You are truly at their mercy.
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    denby · 21 days ago
    I sincerely thank God that having just turned State Pension age I personally will never have to endure the horrors of UC. But I have plenty of younger friends and family vulnerable to this. The film 'I Daniel Blake' should be compulsory viewing for all DWP staff every year. How do people with no money, for phones to use for reminders, pay bus fares, etc , never mind MH difficulties get to interviews? Crazy.
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      denby · 20 days ago
      @James h So feel for you James and everyone else with invisible disabilities. Only Pudsey the bear types get believed in this sick system. Just got to wait another year and a half [two years down already] to get my confirmation of diagnosis, NICE guideline says three MONTHS not years. Then I'll buy a sunflower lanyard and wear it with pride.
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      James h · 21 days ago
      @denby Least you have reach state pension age  I’m only at 50 with autism but still hanging onto esa at least for a bit longer but I will have the universal credit nightmare eventually not gonna bother with the new pip system if it gets the go ahead in 2029 will probably do some part time for a while
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