With PIP new claims taking an average of five months to complete and reviews frequently being put on hold for long periods, Benefits and Work has created a calculator to let you work out how much PIP you might get when a decision is finally made.

It allows you to work out how much you might be owed if you get an award for the first time or if your award is increased because of a review.

It can calculate up to April 2023 It also goes back to April 2017, just in case you are looking at a backdated award because of a change in the law.

We hope you find it useful.  But as it’s new, we’d be grateful if you let us know of any issues you encounter.

You can access the calculator from the PIP drop down menu or by following this link.


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    Kate · 1 months ago
    I have been receiving the enhanced rate for 2 years not but 4 years ago when I applied they only gave me the standard rate. I did dispute it but cant back that they didnt think I was entitled to the enhanced rate. But 2 years later at my assessment I got put on the enhanced rate. I think I was entitled to the enhanced rate from the beginning.  Do you think this might be reviewed?? 
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    Gwen Johnston · 1 months ago
    I received my PIP Claim for this last year until now.
    However when I constantly applied for PIP before I had the first application on the phone to apply for it in the first point.
    I never received any contact back from the and I had applied and applied and applied.
    When I had the application with the first process with a lady (can’t remember her name) she explained that what had happened in the process was they had never submitted the application and I was not on the file.
    Is there anything you would be able to help with this situation because I do not believe that the with everything I thought I had done wrong actually it was the process right the way through.
    My ailments were 
    Epilepsy, Chronic Pain Syndrome 
    Carpal Tunnel in both hands which had operations on both hands.
    Tendinitis throughout my body
    Nerve entrapment in my neck back 
    I was on FULL DLA and after an assessment where the appointment was at my home my bed was in my living room as I couldn’t get up the stairs as I only have a bathroom downstairs. Myself and Husband and at that time I had 3 boys at home. The doctor said I had severe muscle wastage in my dominant arm I couldn’t cook for myself and my family.
     I also was unable to do my own personal care getting dressed or hair.
    please can you help me with this situation because I believe that I should of qualified for permanent disability benefits.
    kind Regards 
    Gwen Johnston 
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    Mrs m · 2 months ago
    I've been waiting since December 2019 for pip been back and forth appealing now awaiting a new medical assessment,my symptoms are worse than they were hope it will be sorted soon 😔
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    Christian woods · 2 months ago
    Disgusting government are worse then the Germans at war these people either don't like disabled people or don't believe disabilities exist they are overpaid parasites and a general election will prove just that and that joke assessment needs scrapping now!! Uneducated people that don't relate to how bad disabled people actually are these scum think it's funny to write there stories to stop genuine people who suffer enough being disabled from getting the pittance from that government woman who doesn't look like she is starving whilst prancing about taking our money we deserve from us and yes I am disabled and yes I did get pip until some kid took it away from me there all a joke and bring on new government and get the parasites out... 
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    Cook · 2 months ago
    Been waiting for 7months for re asscement as my problems have got worse still no sign of it happening soon
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      Kath · 27 days ago
      @Cook I've been waiting for reassessment that was due in January 2021.......been told I "just have to wait"!!!

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