Last week we passed the 4,000 mark for the number of people who ‘​Like’​ us on Facebook, a big vote of confidence for what is a very small organisation.

We want to say a special thank you to ‘​A Way of Seeing’​, who set up and now maintain our Facebook page as well as supplying and editing images for our website.

As a small thank you to everyone who has supported us on Facebook, Benefits and Work and A Way of Seeing are offering some free giveaways. The winners will be drawn from people who have liked our Facebook page by next Thursday, so it’​s still not too late to take part.

Prizes include 5 free Benefits and Work annual subscriptions and two Limited Edition Prints, of the winners’​ choice, from the current collection “​On the Waterfront”​ which can be viewed either on A Way of Seeing Facebook page or on their website .

Below is a selection of feedback about the Benefits and Work website left by Facebook members on our Facebook ‘​wall’​.

“​Good to see you on Facebook. The more people who are aware of Benefits and work the better. I have been a subscriber for 2 years now .Following the advice and tips Your site provided I successfully claimed the benefits which give me quality of life. Through your site I have been able to help others struggling through the benefits maze. I would encourage anyone to subscribe.”​

“​My son has just had his DLA increased from middle rate care to high rate with low rate mobility, thanks to Steve and the Benefit and Work website for helping with the forms, the best £​18 I'​ve spent. Everyone out there please join the group if you can, you won'​t regret it, the information is invaluable.”​

“​I have fibromyalgia and i have been given middle rate care and high rate Mobility. It took me a long time to get this but I could never of done it without benefits and work they helped me , thank you so much.”​

“​Hi I'​m only 37 but have been medically retired and have had to fight for every penny of my benefits when I was at my weakest and lowest ebb, Benefits &​ Work has been a life-line to me thank you Steve and co so much for all that you do.”​

“​The information I have received since joining has been invaluable. Even though money is tight, you can'​t afford not to be a member, especially since the cut back in advice centres this year.”​

“​A brilliant bunch of guys - really helped me when i most needed it - can'​t recommend them highly enough.”​

“​With your help, I was awarded full dla components, and am in the esa support group for now, with no medical! thank you so much for giving me the information i needed :)”​

“​So far I have found the information B&​W website provides absolutely brilliant, keep up the good work guys.”​

“​Very informative site, a '​must read'​ before any form filling , will help enormousl​y.”​

“​Fantastic Support from this site, Well done and many, many thanks to all who run it and provide the helpful information :-) Hat off to you guys.”​

“​Thank you for all your help and advice. The Benefit Agencies applications are like a mine field these days - with your help I'​m slowly getting sorted out. Good luck with face book!”​

“​Keep up the brilliant work. You offer great advice to the people that really need it. When you are trying to fight a disability that is ruining your life its’​ hard to fight a system in order to make things a little easier. Without the great advice from the B &​ W Team the system would have taken help away from us.”​

“​Thank you so much for all the help and advice you give, who would there be to speak for those who cannot, without your site so many would be in deep despair. Again thank you xx”​

“​A subscription to this terrific website is essential for any disabled person, especially when war is being declared on us by so many.”​

“​I think you are doing a brilliant job!”​

“​This is a great help people and plenty of info no spam just facts.”​

“​The wealth of info on B&​W is like no other and is of great benefit to all.”​

“​Keep up the good work, your reports and advice are always very clear - well done.”​

“​Benefits and Work are an excellent site full of positive information. I recommend it to everyone who is in need of advice.”​

“​A big thanks to you all at Benefits and Work, my mum suffers from M.E, Fibromyalgia and arthritis of the spine yet was declared fit for work after her assessment! With the support of you guys she felt more confident in appealing and surprise, surprise she won... it is disgusting that they are making people who genuinely cannot work suffer all this stress, thank goodness for support networks such as yours!”​

“​Thank you for being a place where the help promised is actually delivered. although I got my dla before joining you after reading your help and advice pages I would have saved myself at least 3 or 4 days reading and rereading the claims pack if I had had the benefit of your advice then. well worth the money.”​

“​At last somewhere to talk to people and not feel so alone.”​

“​Benefits and work are a godsend to people that would have been fobbed off if this kind of help and support were not available. giving the vulnerable a voice. thank you.”​

“​Keep up the good work guys.”​

“​A most excellent and helpful organisation, thanks to all there, we have just won two appeals one at tribunal level.”​

“​Well done your site is the best, keep going strong.”​

“​Good luck to you here and I hope you spread the word far and wide!”​

“​Hi a mate recommended this site to me a few months ago. I have just been awarded ESA after 3 months of filling in all forms. Thank you so much for your advice don'​t think I would have got through the medical without it. My condition is degenerative and is progressing quickly to my Dr'​s surprise now I am going to apply for DLA with guidance from the site and will let you know how I get on.”​

“​My forms had just arrived and I looked on the internet for help. I got the best advice possible from Benefits and work and will spread the links as much as I can.”​

“​Without the mobility component of DLA my wife and I would be practically housebound. people seem to forget the mental stress this can cause on top of any physical disabilities you may have, and the extra suffering caused. So keep up the good work B &​ W.”​

“​hi everybody I'​m a member of benefits and work, it'​s well worth becoming a member cos the info and support they give you is excellent.”​


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