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TOPIC: Brothers PIP review

Brothers PIP review 7 months 4 weeks ago #216767

Sorry you're having similar problems Orangeblossom, I hope you get it sorted. xx

I can't find the damned decision notice from the Tribunal :grumpyface but I've contacted one of the Managers at Liverpool sscsa who took the information to put before one of the judges.

Does anyone have an idea of what ATOS mean when the say has to be 'supported by clinical evidence'?

Cheers. xx

Brothers PIP review 7 months 4 weeks ago #216768


It means medical evidence, it sounds as if they are saying that you have listed medical conditions of limitations that are not supported by any medical evidence and therefore cannot be corroborated

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Brothers PIP review 7 months 4 weeks ago #216769

Does it mean supporting evidence like medications, letters from GP and consultant, that sort of thing?

Brothers PIP review 7 months 4 weeks ago #216771

Sorry Gordon, I've just asked that.

So I've provided a list of all his medications, hormone replacements, daily injections, a letter from his consultant saying his tumor has grown and is touching part of his brain and an optic nerve and an angry letter of fact from his GP confirming everything HP lied about so i should be covered!

Thank you Gordon. xx

Brothers PIP review 7 months 4 weeks ago #216776


It depends on the context, you have supplied medical evidence but this may not directly deal with his functional issues. As an example; would it explain why he would have problems with reliably completing the Preparing Food activity on the majority of days.

Assessors and Decision Maker lack imagination and often fail to understand how a particular condition will cause problems with an activity.


Brothers PIP review 7 months 4 weeks ago #216788

They're quoting the 2015 PA4 where he said he didn't want to interact with people. The fact that he doesn't want to because it makes him ill has gone over their heads, they said it's choice not illness. The tribunal found that he needs support to engage with other people.

They're having another bite at it but the recording is pitiful to listen to because of his distress and ICE have said they'll accept it so they can shove it i'm afraid.

I'm sick of playing nice. I've had two PIP applications, 2 MRs, Two Tribunal submissions and i'm on my 2nd, 2nd letter of complaint in the last 5 months so I'm knackered and narked enough to tell them exactly like it is! :laugh:

I've a feeling my PIP review form will come through in the next couple of months and i'm so tired!. :( I think we may have to have something nice from the Chinese for tea! :woohoo:

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