Benefits and Work has today published a 23 page members’ “Guide to claiming carer’s allowance and challenging overpayments”.

Carer’s Allowance has been very much in the news in recent months as the scandal of the DWP snatching back a quarter of a billion pounds from carers continues to grow. 

The National Audit Office has launched an investigation into the DWP’s failure to warn claimants whom the department knew had gone over the earnings limit, instead leaving them to build up massive overpayments.

And the Liberal Democrats have said that they would not pursue carers for old overpayments.

The Benefits and Work guide aims to help people make an effective claim for carer’s allowance, avoid overpayments where possible and, if the DWP say they have occurred, understand how to challenge them.

The guide covers:

  • Carer's Allowance (CA) qualifying criteria
  • Backdating your Carer’s Allowance claim
  • How to make a claim for Carer’s Allowance
  • The carer element of Universal Credit (UC)
  • Carer’s Allowance and other benefits
  • Other entitlements as a carer
  • Carer's Allowance overpayments: what's the problem?
  • Duty to disclose
  • The three decisions       
  • The entitlement decision
  • The overpayment decision
  • The recovery decision
  • Civil penalties
  • Will a Carer’s Allowance overpayment affect my other benefits?
  • What methods can the DWP use to recover an overpayment?
  • What are your options if you cannot afford to pay?

Members can download the guide from the PIP Guides page or from the AA/DLA Guides page.


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    ClaireyR · 10 hours ago
    My husband claims carers allowance for me, he also works a couple of days a week as a sessional worker. In March he received a call from the DWP saying he’d been earning over the threshold and was being ordered to pay back £4,500 (ish) plus fined £50! He was gobsmacked and didn’t tell me for a couple of weeks as he didn’t want to worry me… Anyway I know how meticulous he is about most things, so said get your payslips sorted and we can check them. Having done this we realised that the only reason he’d gone over the threshold was because they’d ( Despite it being clearly marked on each individual payslip) classed his fuel allowance as earnings! He was then told to do a mandatory reconsideration, which he did immediately and told they had reconsidered and decided that he didn’t owe £4,500 but they would be still fining him the £50! He is still waiting for them to restart his carers allowance and so hasn’t had any money from them since March! 
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    D O'C · 12 hours ago
    How about carers allowance being paid to carers over the pension age? The caring doesn't stop when carer can claim pension ( WASPI woman here ) it gets more difficult to care for a disabled adult son/daughter in late 60's and won't get better - ever 
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