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Anyone for Coffey? 3 months 2 weeks ago #264558

Here's the plan (IMO)

Folding ESA, JSA, family credits, housing benefit, etc into UC has worked in that the general public now assume that UC is an out of work benefit for lazy scroungers[sic].
That's why they now want to add (and adapt) PIP into the mix.

UC is designed to "encourage" people to find work in the same way that the WRAG top up was scrapped in order to incentivise people their own system found not to be fit for work to find work.

Bear in mind that IDS visited Auschwitz and on his return claimed that work frees people. And that these people (?), on seeing that people in work are healthier than those out of work, decided that work must make people healthy.

The reality is that an ideology that sees us as useless eaters, economically inactive, a drain on the state has been a driving force since at least 2010.

Anyone for Coffey? 3 months 2 weeks ago #264559

a lot of her comments seem to imply that disabled people just need to beleive in theirselves more and then they will be able to work/be cured :dry: this concerns me a little as firstly a lot of the public already seem to think that we are all exadurating our issues or just lying, and secondly there possibly are a small percentage of people who with support could do more than they think and if the media focuses on these people it will just reinforce what a lot of society already thinks... She also made some comments regarding mental health that I was not too fond of, reading between the lines it almost felt like she was trying to create a division between physical and psychological condisions...

I would love to be able to work... I have worked on and off since I was like 10 - I grew up on a farm it was fairly normal to drag children in on the lambing or harvest :lol: .
But since becoming an adult no job has lasted long than a few months, most only a few weeks... I've actually had to move cities in the past as I was running out of places to apply too... eventually when you get fired or have to quit every 3 weeks or so you get a bit of a reputation...
I also have a bad habbit of leaving treatment and going off my meds when in work as I feel that the employer isn't a fan of my disapearing a few hours every week for therapy or medical appointments, not to mention the peer support groups and such that I am meant to attend... and the medication can make me all but useless during certain times of the day... there probably are some supportive employers, but I've had so may bad experiences I am not scared to even approch an employer about my needs. And obviously leaving treatment is not adviced :whistle:

I'd also like to point out that yes, there are some people wo with the right support probably could return to work, but the support kind of isn't even there in most cases, or at the very least is almost impossible to get.

I feel that either she has basically no understanding of how the benefits system even works, or what people need, or that she is just pandering to what she thinks is public opiion. I m not sure which but I will admit I am very worried about what's going to happen
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Anyone for Coffey? 3 months 2 weeks ago #264581

Blaming young people for having mental health issues is farcical and obviously disgusting… She does not have the intelligence to make a connection between that and Govt Policies :evil: :evil:

Remember it is a Conference so some of it is bluster to fill the newspapers…. They have recently stated that the assessments won’t be merged (for ESA & PIP) but then contradict this by stating that the ‘new’ contracts are only going to people who assess both…aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh..

They are *@£$%! Liars who are not to be trusted.
That is the only FACT we can rely on x

Anyone for Coffey? 3 months 2 weeks ago #264584

Hi Phrank,

I immediately took a dislike to her f*****g mop on her brainless head lol.


Anyone for Coffey? 3 months 2 weeks ago #264585

Hi Lisa,

I can only guess on smiths return from Auschwitz was....... Arbeit macht frei,

That sign hangs on all the concentration camps ie Dachau Muenchen ( munich).

Guess coffey is following suit she reminds me of many of the dritte reichs Koncentrationslage commandants. Hence the singing, dancing etc, was there bavarian music at the conference lol.
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Anyone for Coffey? 3 months 2 weeks ago #264586

Hi there,

Perhaps if I have been a bit harsh with some of my comments.

It's true that a lot of disabled people (ones who can and would like to do something) don't have the confidence to try and find work.

This is surely partly because there is little or no help out there despite what the government say.

During my working-age lifetime I can only remember there having been some sort of law in the early 70's (it's very vague I was only 15 or 16) where a company had to employ a percentage of disabled people. Surely some member(s) can remember this, too?

Nowadays, employers are going to be picky and employ only the ones they think they can rely on and therefore take no chances.

I cannot forsee any sort of law like this put into place by this pile of rubbish, who are all talk and no action, led from the master buffoon at the top and seconded by his yes men and women beneath him.


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